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Rahu in 9th House


Rahu alone in the 9th residence is now not very effective unless it is in conjunction with some different planet or it enjoys direct Drishti from the lord of the ninth house. Further, on account of Rahu in the ninth house, the man or woman modifications color (of nature and family members with people) in accordance to the planet in conjunction with Rahu in the ninth house. If there be no different planet in the 9th residence with Rahu, it would observe in the footsteps of the lord of the ninth house. 

Impact of Rahu in the Ninth House on you

Now, In case the planet in conjunction with Rahu in the 9th residence is a tender planet (Mercury, Venus, or Jupiter), Rahu would assist in the advancement of the right success of the individual. Rahu and its accompanying megastar would make the character pretty religious by using idea and action, and if the accompanying superstar is lord of the 9th, 10th, or 11th or the 5th house. Apart from that, the individual would be associated with some non-governmental agency (NGO) concerned with charitable, social, or non-secular activity. The identical consequences will be there for the character if the 9th residence is owned via any of these soft planets except the Moo and that lord of the 9th residence is occupying the 5th, 10th or eleventh house in the birth-chart. 

It would possibly have been observed that while discussing the gentle stars in conjunction with Rahu in the ninth house, Moon has now not been included. It is now not an oversight. It is intentional. Moon in conjunction with Rahu, something the Rasi there, constitutes ECLIPSE combination, which capability Moon is not free to act in the organization of Rahu and it would give purely subdued effects of precise success and religious/ social/ charitable activity for the individual. But Moon would provide full effects if it owns the 9th residence and is sitting away from Rahu in the 5th, tenth or 11th house. It has to be stated that if Moon is in bright 1/2 of the month, the good outcomes are extra or less guaranteed. It is known as the waxing system of the Moon. 

However, if the Moon is in a waning procedure (as in the dark half of the month), its' effects would be barely 1/2 or even much less than that, relying on how shut it is to the "No-Moon day (Amavasya)." 

On the different hand, if Rahu is in conjunction with Mars, Saturn, or Herschell (Uranus), the character would be deceitful in matters related to the management of religious/ charitable/ social organizations, and the man or woman would constantly be making efforts to reap greater energy and role in the involved non-governmental organization (s). In other things, too, the man or woman would not hesitate to encroach upon the rights and possessions of others. Even the property of the brothers, sisters, and cousins will be taken away. 

When the ninth residence is owned through Mars, Saturn, or Sun, and the lord of the house is also positioned in the 3rd, 4th, 6th, eighth, or the 12th house, and the person will be overpowered by egocentric factors and ruthlessness in fulfillment of those motives. The man or woman would no longer generally distinguish between whom to damage and whom to spare. The person would have no hesitation in piracy of literary, charitable, social, non-secular works and achievements of others, along with fellow workers, colleagues, subordinates, and buddies too. 


The man or woman would advance the tendency to back-bite others, run down those who do accurate to the man or woman (which can be termed ungratefulness), and the individual would possibly have no hitch in harming or hurting the individual who has carried out suitable to the individual. The individual's egocentric rationale is on top of the whole thing in life. 

It also has to be cited whether or not Rahu is by myself in the 9th residence or is in conjunction with any gentle or challenging planet. The character suffers from a hidden sense of concern and timidity. They might fail to show they are well worth at a second and place or a state of affairs warranting chivalry, boldness, bravery, and courage. 


It is also a first-class of these persons that they are pleased with distant family members and strives to maintain away or continue to be disinterested in the affairs of actual brothers, sisters, or cousins. These men and women indulge in flattery and count on flattery, which can hardly be anticipated from real brothers, sisters, or cousins. 

If Sun, Mars, or Saturn accompanies Rahu in the ninth house, the individual will strive to usurp rightful possessions/ assets/ cash and wealth of brother, sister, cousin, or even an uncle or aunt with the aid of unfair/ unjustified potential and methods. This is very tons actual when the person is running Rahu Mahadasa with Antardasa of Sun, Mars or Saturn or vice-versa, that is, Mahadasa of Sun or Mars or Saturn with Antardasa of Rahu therein. 

Individuals having Rahu in the ninth house, whether or not accompanied by way of any different planet or not, are no longer very honest and dependable in political matters. They take no time in altering coloration and altering the birthday party of their affiliation. Its high-quality examples can be determined in Indian politics in view of the early 1950s. And in case Moon in the waning system is within 12 degrees of Rahu in the ninth house, these folks would not let their idea be regarded even to their godfathers, patrons, trustworthy followers, and financiers when they alternate color or party of affiliation. In case Saturn is within 15 ranges of Rahu in the ninth house, the person would take a correct component of his companions, colleagues, and followers to the different political party. 

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