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Rahu in Libra

Rahu in Libra

To study role/impact of Rahu in Libra sign, we need to see how will Rahu impact personality/Profession/finance/love and health of Libra persons. Rahu is an adept manipulator, and tact and mystery are his second names. Libra governs balance. Ruled by the airy sign of Venus is in an average relationship with another airy planet Rahu, the native enjoys close conjunction of planets. Although Rahu inspires balance in all levels of society, he brings out the manipulative skills in the native at the same time. 

Libra Personality with Rahu

A native under this planetary conjunction is always at loggerheads with the elders in the family, leading to irreversible issues in relationships. Due to this Rahu in Libra, these natives may likely lose their property. Self-seeking tendencies can repulse people away from them. As per his opinion, the world is there to cater to their needs and not vice versa. Rash and impatient behavior may prove risky for them as it could lead to a cold war with people, which is detrimental to these native's health and not that of others. These people distinctly trend towards alcoholism and rich nonvegetarian food. Luxury and riches follow them at every step always. Overseas travels are a distinct possibility. Librans are good conversationalists, but with the Rahu in Libra, they tend to be extra spicy in their expressions sometimes, although, by intention, everything is good. It is certainly beyond them to correct this due to Rahu's overbearing influence. An impulsive attitude does not help them in any way, and repentance and learning from the mistakes are things these people never learn.

Libra Finance/Career with Rahu

They must wait, to experience any stroke of luck, till they turn 34th years of age. Their finances which were so far in the rut, begin to look up around this time. However, income will not be stable concerning earnings. If Rahu is adverse, the natives stay poor all their lives, which would cause untold suffering to people who are close to the native. The only respite during such times would be to choose unethical means for their livelihood.  

Libra Love with Rahu

Their tact and diplomacy do not help their love life as they tend to dominate, distrust, and betray his partner. As a result, they encounter severe discontent and a lack of cheer. Morally depraved, they are bound to go through such an experience. Rahu in Libra is extremely beneficial for children of these natives and, to some extent, the bonding with the family. They would be not only lucky to get rich partners, but they can expect some financial help from their in-laws as well.

Libra with Rahu in past life

How were Libra with Rahu in past life? Physical activities, temper and aggression were the hallmarks of their last lifetime. They gained and lost many things and could not strike a balance between them. They have a deep rooted sense of justice and fair play in this lifetime. They gain many laurels by just using their mental energy.  They are not always after materialistic pleasures, but they get to enjoy them in plenty.

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