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Rahu in Leo

Rahu in Leo

To study role/impact of Rahu in Leo sign, we need to see how will Rahu impact personality/Profession/finance/love and health of Leo persons. Rahu is in an inimical association with Sun, which exacerbates the negative effects of this alliance. Leo is under the governance of Sun, which is not beneficially disposed to Rahu due to the natural enmity between them. Hence results are far from being favorable. Rahu's shadowy influence fans Leo's fire, aggression, ambition. 

Leo Personality with Rahu

Driven by high moral standards and strong convictions, these natives have an innate desire to be praised and recognized for their merits. Natives with this influence are often disconnected from their family emotionally with their father, with whom they share a love-hate relationship. Misunderstandings and a clash of views would be a characteristic feature in the relationship with their fathers. Despite these weaknesses, they could be very manipulative with a sharp intellect. Although they are sharp, they can misuse it many a time and be termed shrewd. Their self-centered and highly egoistic nature would not let them enjoy any domestic peace. Roaming about in the wilderness and adventurous spots particularly appeals to them. Good oratorial skills coupled with lion valor is their major personality characteristic. These natives are too trusting and get betrayed easily by manipulating people around them. They do not take heed of this weakness, though, and suffers a lot due to his carelessness. They are emotionally dependent and very wary about taking risks. They combine the contradicting traits of caution and impatience. They are essentially people pleasers and are perpetually worried about others' image of them. They are rude and inconsistently religious. They have an interfering attitude, due to which they come across as irritating pests to most of their friends. 

Leo Career/profession with Rahu

These natives are attention grabbers and highly thirsty for recognition. People who are excessively addicted to social media come under this category. Sudden benefits from govt or a big wig is a possibility. Their chief attributes are dominant nature, high energy, and soaring confidence levels. They can be either very philosophical or reserved. Their creativity can be tapped into the right channel and used entirely for their benefit. Rahu in Leo helps the native to surmount any difficulty in life and emerge victoriously. 

Leo Love/Health with Rahu

These natives may have a tendency or a chance to get disturbed mentally or emotionally in case someone jilts him or if they betray their partner in any way. They find no one who can offer shoulders for support during a struggle. Their goal for this lifetime is to find strength within themselves, to face all the odds.

Leo with Rahu in past life

How were Aries with Leo in past life? They spent their time in unusual activities, in their past lifetime and they were not centered round him, but they were oriented towards society at large.  As a result, they have a born ability to lead others, and shoulder responsibilities at an early age.  They can lead large organizations with a great vitality.  They should work on building his self confidence and work on self-conditioning. They have a chance to go abroad as well. 

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