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Rahu in Gemini

Rahu in Gemini

To study role/impact of Rahu in Gemini sign, we need to see how will Rahu impact personality/Profession/finance/love and health of Gemini persons. Mercury and Rahu entertain positive vibes, and Mercury rules Gemini. Airy elements rule both the planets. Rahu in Gemini accords the Native with multiple skills in various fields. The mysterious and manipulative traits of Rahu and the wisdom and wit of Mercury is unique combination that renders the native diplomatic and sharp-witted.

Gemini Personality with Rahu

These natives are essentially the problem solvers that can sort out any ticklish issue they face. Despite this, however, some underlying confusions may topple their judgment about situations at times. A person with Rahu is a gifted orator and communicator. They talk before they think due to some impulses. An extreme appetite for risk and adventure, exuding confidence, and a daredevil disposition certainly demarcate them from the rest. Fortunately, these Natives have a circle of reliable friends that help them climb his way to success. Armed with the grit that help them face any odds, these Natives are still bereft of the faith and perseverance in efforts that carry them towards their goal. They have a knack to touch the raw emotions of people with their honest and straightforward attitude and obtain their help. Sometimes overconfidence on the part of these natives spoils his chances of success. These natives are lucky concerning short travels.

Gemini Career/finance with Rahu

Computer savvy and technically well-rounded, these individuals opt for the business in communication and media to express themselves better. Many bureaucrats and orators who exhibit this tendency are born under this planetary influence. They make bright entrepreneurs, and politics suits their temperament. Other kinds of employment that are lucky for these natives are the jobs of data analysis and software engineering. Their current life need them to educate themselves in communication and hone their expressions to establish their presence and seek an identity in society.

Gemini Health with Rahu

They have an over productive brain that contributes to excessive stress. The Native tends to take people and things at face value. They are unwilling to investigate the reason and motive behind people's actions. The Native is always self-possessed and seems in a perpetual hurry and scurry. Although situations are quite conducive to their interests, they tend to dominate others and remain under undue and constant pressure. Their interpersonal skills are not on par with the rest of the crowd. They love to listen to their voice rather than others in a conversation, making them bad conversationalists. They are self-important and vain in attitude.

Gemini with Rahu in past life

How were Gemini with Rahu in past life? These Natives were engaged in deep study of philosophy and occult studies and carried on research in these fields throughout their lifetime. They lived a free and independent life. They should acquire good expression, versatility, friendly nature, acute perception, and a strong focus on matters at hand. They are very witty in their present lifetime. They have the inherent ability to develop their telepathic and telekinetic powers but do not have the opportunity to develop their emotional and worldly side. They should not detach themselves from people, as they will be pushed back in to their circles.
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