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Rahu in 11th House

Rahu in 11th House

Whatever the Rasi in the eleventh residence and whosoever the lord of the eleventh house, Rahu is continually a benefactor in the eleventh house, even if it is on my own and now not accompanied with the aid of any challenging any other planet. The individual, if it is given to correct habits and the right company of friends, by no means suffers from the favor of money; and unless he or she goes in for huge investments, their vegetation up no reason for incurring debts. In any horoscope, the exceptional positions for Rahu to provide unconditional monetary benefits are the 2nd and the 11thhouse. There are now not many repercussions of Rahu in the eleventh house, except that in some cases, it adversely impacts the educational progress of the kids, and that too when their very own delivery stars are unhelpful for their education. 

Impact of Rahu in the 11th House on your Life

If Aries or Aquarius are no longer in the Ascendant (Lagna), Rahu in the 11th house offers an attractive personality, cheerful in personal conversation, outstanding in public speaking, with a touch of witticism in talks, not unnecessarily abashed, instead somewhat frank and straightforward. When the probability is there, the character won't hesitate to be deceitful, clever, cunning, and sometimes dishonest too in money matters. They tend to give desire to their non-public pastimes over all other matters, on some occasions, even to the call of duty. 

Where the individual's personal pastimes are not in conflict, he or she is quite helpful, charitable, and willing to volunteer carrier of any nature inclusive of physical service to others, whether they are known or unknown, including the animals and birds. In that sense, the person is kind-hearted, doesn't brag or boast of the help given, or service rendered. 


If other planets do now not critically obstruct, Rahu is constantly beneficial to the man or woman in the job, professional career business, self-employment, career, or any different source of livelihood, in particular when Rahu Mahadasa or it's Antardasa or its beneficial transit runs. Even losses incurred at some point of any different duration get wiped off throughout Rahu's favorable transit or Mahadasa-Antardasa. Along with that, Rahu stays in a Rasi for 18 months and returns to the same Rasi after its 18-year round. 


The people whose Rahu is in the 11thhouse usually have a charming and attractive personality with outstanding flair in public speaking. In their conversations, they even do not hesitate to be clever and cunning if required. They have the capability to attract others with their personality. The individual so is kind-hearted and generous. They do not brag about their service.

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