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Rahu in Cancer

Rahu in Cancer

To study role/impact of Rahu in Cancer sign, we need to see how will Rahu impact personality/Profession/finance/love and health of Cancer persons. Rahu is the Dragon's head, inspiring profound thoughts in the native as he is placed in a water sign of Cancer. Highly emotional and caring people are born under the watery sign of Cancer. Ruled by the moon, Cancer bestows finer emotions which are in adverse combination with the confused state of mind that is bestowed by Rahu.

Cancer Personality with Rahu

These natives cannot handle their own emotions and curbing their feelings would be an overwhelming and confusing exercise. Decision-making is something they cannot master in this lifetime. They are highly indecisive and, to a great extent, cannot come to terms with their confusions. These natives tend to take even the flimsiest things seriously, and their excessive curiosity about people and things will not let them ultimately trust anyone. Born with a rigid outlook and authoritarian mind, they resist new ideas and a new way of being. They come across as inflexible individuals at large. They love to be called homebodies and prefer domestic responsibilities to professional targets at any time. To contradict this, they do not invest their time and energy in their family's welfare, but they love to hear about them now and then. They are a contradicting mixture of Intense ambitions, impracticality, and absolute lack of dedication.

Cancer Career/Finance with Rahu

Rahu in Cancer is lucky in terms of amassing wealth. You can find such people in positions of authority as well. Burdened with responsibilities in their formative years, they learn a lot from life and know how to shoulder responsibilities at such a young age. They are drawn into property-related litigations and real estate-related feuds sometime in their life. Rahu is in mool trikon sign in Cancer. With a well-placed moon, they are bound to set their sights high earlier in life and succeed at a relatively younger age than others. However, they have an inherent ability to lead masses and inspire a loyal fan base. They have a nurturing instinct and can consider contributing to society in this direction.

Cancer Love with Rahu

They are never at ease with themselves and appear dissatisfied under any circumstance. Emotionally they are devoid of maternal love, which will impact their emotional development. They play on people's insecurities and fears to gain an unfair advantage. Anyone who relies on them would surely, at some point, suffer betrayals. 

Gemini with Rahu in past life

How were cancer with Rahu in past life? They had been through unpleasant and confining situations in their previous lifetime. Domestic life was unhappy. So, they evince a keen interest in adding objects of comfort to their homes. They are keen on having a strongly bonded family. Though they appear cold on the exterior, they are intense and emotional on the inside. They would love to be of service to the long-suffering people and would love to serve the country as well.

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