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Rahu in Aquarius

Rahu in Aquarius

To study role/impact of Rahu in Aquarius sign, we need to see how will Rahu impact personality/Profession/finance/love and health of Aquarius persons. Saturn rules Aquarius. Rahu and Saturn have both their airy element in common. Hence their partnership is fraught with positivity and hope. They induce strong aspirations in the native, which works a bit against the native's interest. 

Aquarius Personality with Rahu

A strong will to achieve the impossible helps them to achieve it. They are the actual shopaholics whose shopping sprees include purchasing expensive stuff. They carve their route to success and let others follow their beaten path. In other words, they are self-made. These natives is more of a talker than a listener and usually pays a heavy penalty. An immense desire to socialize marks them apart from the rest of the signs. They prefer to connect with a large circle of people to contribute something meaningful to the group. They are too casual and laidback in their attitude and social interactions. They usually do not object to taking others' opinions seriously as they have a broad mindset towards people. These people are fit for working with large groups or concerns due to this very pleasant trait. Sometimes, they intimidate people with their strong and selfish motives that lurk from inside occasionally. These people interact and keep in touch with people of the same kind, and worldly people appeal to them. Very rarely, they get involved in scams that put them in trouble. This acquired knowledge enables them to influence others with various creative and innovative ideas. They weave their verbal charm on people easily with heavy use of their social skills and adept expression. They have an articulate way with words, which attracts listeners to them.

Aquarius Career/profession with Rahu

Their lives revolve around dreaming about the unattainable and yearning for the inaccessible. Native is an adventurer who craves social recognition and loves to be part of the creamy layer of society. They expect respect and recognition from people inside their network. They will be working actively for charitable organizations if their Saturn is well disposed of in the natal charts. 

Aquarius Finance/Career with Rahu

Financially they would be very well off. They achieve financial prominence by dint of their efforts. Rahu indicates modern electronics and electric gadgets, while Aquarius signifies a large network of people. Natives with Rahu in Aquarius put these talents to best use and flourish in the areas mentioned above. People addicted positively to media can be found under this influence. Some of the most successful bloggers and social media influencers are born under this conjunction. Their innovative ideas will invite stiff opposition and disapproval from society. But they know how to wade in troubled waters very well and win, ultimately using their mature ideas. 

Aquarius Health/Love with Rahu

Health afflictions are the first blow from Rahu in the Saturnine sign to the native. They are separated from loved ones at some part of their life and go through the ominous pangs of separation.

They always have an issue to raise about their romantic lives and suspect foul-play from their partner almost all the time, due to which they suffer from stomach upsets. Their unbridled aggression causes them to be in unrest always in their life and mind.

Aquarius with Rahu in Past life

How were Aquarius with Rahu in past life? Their past lives were very much centered around themselves and not being helpful. They enjoyed high status and commanded a respectful position in society. So this lifetime demands them to be more humane and mingle with the commoners. Their capacity for innovation and for solving any ticklish situation is amazing. They would learn to deal with unpredictability in every way, which is their lesson for this life.

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