Rahu in Different Houses & Signs

Rahu is a shadow planet in the northern node of the moon where it has a very important significance in Vedic astrology because it reveals the obsession and ambitions of a person's past life that were unfinished and they are here in this life to achieve those goals. You have to see what symbol, degree, and house Rahu is in in order to see that.

Effects of Rahu in Different Houses and Signs

Planet Rahu is taboo-breaking, as it reflects amplification of things, obsession, something that the indigenous people should not have morally, but want to have. Rahu is a world that needs something that it can't do, and in the fastest way possible, too. In life, they want to take shortcuts. Whether it's by stealing, hard work or absolute integrity. Wherever Planet Rahu goes, it needs the things it serves to be remembered.

Rahu and Ketu do not like casting any drishti on any stars or any houses as shadow planets, though in modern times, some over-enthusiastic astrologers have begun to attribute and bind drishti to Rahu (and Ketu) too. Rahu is the Head of the Demon in Indian astrology, and Ketu is the Demon's Torso (tail). Therefore, the Demon's body split into two pieces would logically have no drishti or Vision.

Similarly, these two (shadow) stars do not own any house (RASI) as such, though this or that Rasi is again credited to some astrologers as their property. But there had never been any consensus among mid-ancient astrologers that specific Rasi belonged to Rahu (and Ketu) or that Rasi constituted Rahu's exaltation and weakening role (and Ketu).

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Read on to find out how your life is influenced by the world of deceit, insincerity & immorality.

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