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Moon in Virgo Sign

Moon in Virgo Sign

The native will always speak the truth and will also be an ethically enriched person. He will be handsome, good looking, have a dashing personality, and will remain patient throughout. Apart from that, the renowned, knowledgeable, and passionate person will also enlighten everyone about the classical and traditional teachings, as mentioned in the Vedas. The natives will have more daughters than a son. He will have a strong inclination towards the female company. 

The natives will be lucky. If the Moon is situated at the juncture of two malefic planets, the natives will die because of blood disorders. Natives who have Taurus Ascendant and the Moon is located in Virgo, and you will give birth to two daughters who will become rich in later life. The positioning of the powerful and strengthened Moon in the ascendant will make the native financially stable, and he will also grow as a handsome man. The combination of Jupiter and Venus will enhance your health. 

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