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Moon in 12th House

Moon in 12th House

People having the Moon in the twelfth House are very emotional. Most of the time, they aren't aware of what they feel and how they feel. Though their perception level is high, they find it challenging to comprehend the intensity of their emotions. That is why they tend to feel overwhelmed and cannot convey what they need precisely from an emotional point of view. People belonging to this House believe in tarot and occult practices. These people are home-lovers. They love to stay indoors and work from home. Such people do not have issues with restrictions and limitations.

Impact of Moon in the Twelfth House

These people are secretive and tend to have secret romantic inclinations and partners. As per the position of the Moon, these people can grow in hidden relationships. They do not wish to let a lot of people know about their bond. These people have a habit of deliberately keeping it private.

Overwhelming feelings

The Moon in the twelfth House also affects the unconscious and subconscious mindset. Often, there is a tussle between the two. The natives tend to get bewildered about the course of events in life. However, with the Moon's energy, they can become expressive in due time. Most of the time, they feel that they are at the receiving end of everything, which might psyche them out. With the Moon being in the twelfth House, people can get overwhelmed with its energy and not handle the high point. The natives are required to balance the flow constructively.

Presence of empathy

As these people are emotional, they have an empathetic bent of mind. These people can understand the feelings of others. They also have special powers of being able to read the mind of the people. It makes them highly intuitive, which further helps them in becoming healers. Others find it easier to talk to them about problems as they are solution-oriented people. Also, these natives are helpful towards others. These people tend to always be available for people who are in need. However, the natives can do all these things only if they are peaceful inside. Like others, they, too, have issues in their lives, and they tend to balance everything out.

Troublesome Married Life

Regarding their married life, the natives might not have a fulfilling married life. There might be an absence of sexual drive in the married life. There might be a lack of intimacy, as well. Child conceiving and childbearing can also be challenging. Further, in the future, children's education and marriage might also be a challenging task. These people need to be extraordinarily patient and hold on.

Financial Front

Regarding the financial front, there might be a lack of finances and a reduction in monetary standing. The dominant source of income might not be able to fetch the desired and required money. Loss of finances might cause mental tensions leading to stress. Partial insanity and epilepsy might pervade. Stress can take a severe form on the life of these people. Such issues related to health and economic stability might lead to the fear of heavy expenditure, penalty, punishment, theft, and inferiority complexes.

Relational Bondings

The twelfth House is related to the bonds with the father, siblings, and individual extra-marital relationships. Due to a lack of satisfaction in the married life, liaisons outside marriage can take place.

Some of the aspects which must be kept in mind related to the twelfth House are:

  1. Rashi

  2. Lord of that Rasi, 

  3. Position of the Rashi in the birth chart and the Navamsha chart. 

Suppose the Moon-owned Cancer is positioned in the second, fifth, sixth, or eighth House, and the Moon in the twelfth House; it would give rise to tension and disturbed state of mind. It would make the native fickle-minded, jealous, and wrongful towards the spouse and her achievement.

If Moon is positioned in Sagittarius or a Rashi ruled by Sun, Mars, or Saturn, there are strong chances of getting into legal battles irrespective of the fact whether the native is at fault or not. Inquiries or investigations might follow due to legal suits.

Other issues related to the Moon in the twelfth House are

  1. drinking as a regular habit, 

  2. adverse effect on married life, 

  3. extra-marital relationship leading to destroying the reputation of the person involved.

  4. A lot of mental tensions tend to happen due to the pressure of extra-marital relationships.

  5. Opponents are always planning against the natives to bring their doom.

It is to be noted that the Moon in the twelfth House gives less favorable outcomes, and if another planet joins it in the twelfth House, the condition becomes more difficult and beyond control. 

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