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Moon in 3rd House

Moon in 3rd House

Moon is the ruler of mental abilities, and the third house is related to work, efforts, and siblings. Some astrologers believe that the third house is connected to only the elder brother or sister. For example, the second brother or sister is governed by the fifth house, the third brother or sister from the seventh house, the fourth brother or sister from the ninth place, etc. However, these are only theoretical assumptions till now.

What does the Moon in the 3rd house represent?

The third house represents jewelry and ornamentation, domestic aid, and other servants. Undoubtedly the third house looks after the provision of secondary sources of income. 

The immediate result of the Moon in the third house is that the native becomes quite moody and is regulated by moods. Working hard, feeling lethargic, taking interests, listening to the inner voice, all these depend on the mood of the native belonging to this house. In other words, every action of the native is governed by the spirit. The native also develops a fascination for getting adorned. 

The native has great affection for siblings, be it one or multiple siblings.

These people tend to encourage others to be bold and brave, and they believe in being in the background unless there is some concrete reason for them to be present in the limelight. They tend to withdraw and are introvert by nature.

The native is vigilant towards the health and public image of the father. The native is emotionally and financially supportive of the father. However, physical support in terms of some feud might not be up to the mark. The fear complex is powerfully prevalent between the father and the sons/daughters. This fear pertains to the fear of hesitation in going abroad and not getting adequate support from the expected person. 

Such people do not work very hard but wish to be wealthy and happy. They do not hesitate to seek support from siblings and mother. 

These individuals tend to consult a doctor even on smaller health issues and begin to consume medicines. However, they stop taking medication once they start to feel better. They might go through significant surgeries as well. Since the third house regulates the hearing faculty, they are very vigilant towards their hearing capacity. They do not generally have heart ailments as they stay preventive in this light. Pregnant women take care of themselves to avoid a cesarean section and go for standard delivery. They are confident and optimistic about their pregnancy. 

As these people do not prefer domestic chores themselves, they are generally tolerant and liberal towards domestic help and servants.

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