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Moon in 6th House

Moon in 6th House

Initially itself it is an unfavourable position of Moon. Even in the company of other planets, Moon is effective in the 6th house. The only difference is that with soft planets, Moon causes greater trouble to the individual, while with Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu, its strength, capacity and intention to create or give trouble get considerably reduced, though not totally washed out.

It has specially to be kept in mind that Moon is lord of the Mind, and the 6th house concerns mainly illness, log-term disease and enemies. Also it affects the longevity in childhood, sometimes adversely, moreso if in the company of another soft planet like Mercury, Jupiter or Venus.

Moon being lord of the Mind adversely affects the Mind or process of thinking. The individual becomes to some extent an introvert, broods over past events, and is sometimes absent minded, with diverted attention from the work in hand.

Thus if Moon is powerful and alone in the 6th house adversely affects the studies in school and sometimes even post-secondary education. Even very favourable placement Mercury (lord of intelligence) is less helpful in the matter i to remedy the bad effect of Moon on studies of the individual, I are unavoidable.

After the age and stage of education, the individual becomes introvert and often broods over events of the recent past as well as distant past. The individual rotates in the mind the bad or unsavoury behaviour of others, including members the family, of the spouse, as also of the family of the spouse because 6th house is in the 12th place from the 7th house, which rules spouse and family thereof.

If the individual has powers and authority to decide the fate and future of others, in her or his capacity as a judge in a court of law, or as an Administrator in public sector or private sector, or as Head of the family or Head of any organisation or establishment, this retrovert or retrograde or retrogressive state of mind often drives the individual away from the path of just and fair decision or judgement in the matter before her or him.

However that is not the end of the problem of Moon on the mind of the individuals. Moon causes delay in taking decisions, changing the finality of the decision once taken. Further Moon adversely affects such matters concerning self or family or others, and this two-minded attitude many a time snatches some very good opportunities from their hands relating to their progress, relations with members of the family and friends, marriage matters of self or of progeny in their later life. Even in minor matters whether to go out for a picnic or not, or to a theatre or not, rotate in the divided mind upto the last moment.

The further worse affect of Moon in 6th (if alone) is on the mental health. Sometimes Moon drags the individual on the verge of fickle-mindedness or insane type of thinking and decision, making. If medical attention in this type of run down of mentor health is delayed, the condition worsens quite fast. In this besides, astrologically, the Mahadasa and sub-period be examined beside the yearly chart and moon s position in it if in Navamsha of the birth chart too, Moon is in the 6th,8th or the12th position the  individual would positively need expert medical examination and treatment. It is always a case of medicinal prescription and never a case for any kind of surgical treatment. Surgery becomes necessary only when there is tumour or blood clot or some other problem in the brain region. This point of medical examination must be studied very carefully and in full detail. Quick conclusions without detailed study prove harmful and misguiding to the individual, damaging the prestige of the astrologer too!

These individuals make enemies quite soon, sometimes by spoken or written words, and in some rare instance by mere Gestures in the process of conversation. These individuals are fond of back-biting (criticising a person in his or her absence),and where criticism was not at all due on part of the individual. Sometimes, no doubt, enemies crop up even without any fault or mischief or default on part of the individual, for matters beyond the direct control of the individual.

Enmity created by Moon in the 6th house, irrespective of the fact whether the individual is at fault or not, can be short termed, medium termed or long-termed, depending on the roots of the enmity, circumstances when it developed, and the nature of the people who became enemies. In this behalf Rasi in the 6th house has a major “say”, no doubt. If Aries, Cancer or Libra be in the 6th house, the enmity would be short-lived and is based on instant feeling of annoyance, anger or discomfort or temporary damage caused to the person who becomes enemy.

If Gemini, Virgo or Pisces is in the 6th house, the enmity would be of medium term, provided Moon's own Mahadasa is not intervening during that phase. If the Moon's Mahadasa is intervening it might last for the full 10-year-period or balance period of the Moon Mahadasa.

Because, if any of Capricorn (a cardinal Sign but owned by het, Saturn), Sagittarius (a mutable Sign, but considered a hand -natured Rasi) or a fixed Sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or aquarius) in the 6th house, it tends to give long-termed enmity.

The meaning of the word "term" would also vary from to individual. If the individual is very sensitive by nature, even a period of few months or few years would appear long-termed to her or him. To individuals with hardened outlook, even an enmity continuing from grandfather to grandson would be considered as softly long-termed.

When Moon is alone in the 6th house the enmity would not extend beyond mental worry and mental torture. However if any other soft planet is in the 6th house, or any soft or hard planet has direct and more than three-fourth drishti on Moon in the 6th house, the enmity might cause to the individual financial loss, loss of job, or loss of educational progress. Or it can be physical injury or damage to the individual or any person near and dear to the individual.

When Moon is in 6th house and any other planet(s) be 12th house, it might lead to temporary or partial insanity. And if Sagittarius or Capricorn or any fixed Sign be in the 6th house, the touch of insanity can go to the extent or border of complete insanity and will take long period to recover, slowly and gradually. But this matter deserves proper examination in astrology as well as medically.

Then comes the question of other illness or disease that can be caused by Moon in the 6th house. It can be repeated attacks of severe cough and cold, bad throat, development of diphtheria in childhood, pleurisy (dry or wet), or tonsillitis.

If Jupiter is in the 6th or 8th or in 12th house, the question may be examined whether serious complaint of the respiratory system, growth or development of boils between upper ribs and neck, trouble of the thyroid gland, discoloration of the skin of face and/or upper part of chest (breast) and back, leukaemia or leukoderma is likely to be suffered by the individual.

If Mars is in the 1st, 4th, 8th or 12th house, it has to be noted in this context that religious remedy in the matter of illness or disease would help to a very limited extent, and immediate medical treatment is rather unavoidable.

These individuals indulge in criticising the spouse for overspending habits and for his or her indifferent attitude towards the family of the individual. Ultimately this creates differences between husband and wife too. Remedy of Moon would be needed if such development takes place.

Moon adversely affects the digestive system, particularly after the age of 48 years men and after the age of 42 to 45 years for women. It is advisable in this type of complaint to develop the habit of going for a 'walk' for sake of walking, both times(mornings and evenings) or at least one time everyday. Nothing else would work better than walking!

some astrologers allege that Moon in 6th house makes a man lazy or lethargic, while others (more experienced astrologers) argue that it is not so, unless one or more soft planet be in the 3rd house.

Because of whimsical nature, it cannot be said in positive terms that these individuals are cruel or wicked by nature. A whimsical person can be merciful at one moment, and cruel or merciless at another. It is better not to touch this side of the nature of an individual in predictions.

Several of these individuals develop amateurish knowledge of medicine (of one system or the other), apply that knowledge in case of others, and indulge in self-treatment too, sometimes causing harm or damage, whether it is the case of others or of self. Mistake knows on distinction.

Moon in the 6th house sometimes gives one-sided trend of thinking process, and as a result these individuals go into wanted and unwanted details of a matter, thereby delaying the consideration or the decision. However individuals are unable to help it as the position mentioned in the preceding paragraph is because of force of their nature as such.

The individual generally develops strained relations with brothers and sisters of the mother and also with their families. Improvement sometimes takes place by good and compromising nature of the spouse of the individual.

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