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Moon in 6th House

Moon in 6th House

The presence of Mars in the 6th house is considered very positive. This place is also considered a good place for the red planet. Mars is a fiery element planet, and the 6th house is the house of misery, so the energy of Mars helps in bringing several life changes. When Mars is in the sixth house, those abilities and talents within a person are awakened, which he may be unaware of. Mars at this place gives success in many things. To understand these things, it is necessary to understand what kinds of results are linked with the sixth house.

The sixth house of the horoscope is also the house of disease, enemy, debt, expenses, competitions, maternal side, and first job. This house is considered a place of a lot of trouble and suffering. Enemies may have to be faced more in their life. The condition of disease in life is seen due to this feeling. Many types of struggles in life can be seen from the analysis of this house. Our sense of competitiveness can also be seen in this house.

Now let's learn about Mars. Generally, the planet Mars is considered a malefic, cruel and harsh planet. The work of the commander and leadership is linked with the red planet. The Mars gives courage in dealing with any situation which is not received from any other planetary combination. Mars makes a person furious, active and gives the spirit of courage. All these things come from the planet Mars only. The person is eager to work ahead in everything.

Now Mars being in the sixth house with this form will naturally give the courage to deal with all those bad things; the courage to deal with troubles will be given to the person due to Mars. Therefore, if these things are seen, then it can be said that Mars makes better use of the courage of the person in the sixth house and also gives the special quality of fighting the opponents and can face the troubles created by them single handedly.

Mars in the sixth house gives success in work

Mars in the 6th house gives a good effect to the person to move ahead in competitions. Mars placed in the sixth house of the horoscope gives the person indomitable courage to keep moving forward. One does not get scared easily. If a person gets the blessings of victory, then the person can attain success in any examination or competition. This position also shows the effect of karma which motivates a person to be stronger. The major purpose of the planet Mars is to kill enemies and win over them. Due to Mars in favorable position, no one can harm a person.

The presence of Mars in the 6th house gives victory to the person in legal matters. A person can attain a high position and gets success and fame in sports, military, security, fire-related works, etc.

The fourth house of mars aspecting the ninth house affects the father's happiness. There may be a lack of rigidity with the father. One can show different thinking from a spiritual point of view. The person can put their point of view in front of others without any hesitation.

The seventh aspect of Mars will be on the twelfth house. Here the efforts of the individual can be more. Their ability to try again and again impresses a lot. Expenses may remain high.

The eighth aspect of Mars will be on the Ascendant. The effect of this aspect of Mars will make the person stronger. The person is more courageous, and there is also more sense of pride in them. Sometimes a person can also be combative.

Positive and negative effects of mars in this place

Mixed results are obtained due to the placement of Mars in the sixth house. We see the positive effect of Mars in the form of victory, success, fame, and better results from hard work. On the other hand, if we talk about the negative side, then Mars at this place gives more worries. You may have to face more problems. Fear of enemies or ups and downs in a financial situation troubles the person. Expenses remain high. The native may see the lack of happiness from their maternal side in some or the other form. The effect of Mars can induce accidents, surgery, fever, and disease. In this way, Mars placed in the sixth house gives both good and bad results, but in some cases, it also gives positivity and courage.

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