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Moon in 6th House

Moon in 6th House

It is an unfavorable position of the Moon.  With soft planets, Moon causes more significant discomfort to the native, while in the case of the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Herschell, the Moon's capacity to cause troubles is less.

What does the Moon in the 6th house represent?

Moon rules MindMind, and the sixth house is related to long term illnesses and opponents. Also, it affects childhood, especially if it is in Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus. 

As Moon rules Mindmind, it affects the mood of the native up to a considerable extent. The natives become silent, off-minded, distracted, and overthinkers. 

If the Moon is full of strength and alone in the sixth house, it affects the school and post-secondary studies. Even if the Moon is in Mercury (ruler of intelligence), the natives remain weak in studies.

As the native is delusional, the native keeps thinking about family members and spouse's destructive behaviors, especially if the Moon is positioned in the sixth and twelfth house from the seventh house. 

With such a position, the native's decision-making faculty gets clouded both in oneself and others. So, if they have to handle the post of authority in legal matters, administration, in the private sector, organization, or at home, they might not decide rationally. 

Moon also causes a delay in making decisions. Such a doubtful state of mind takes away all the right opportunities related to family, friends, children, and oneself. Minute and day to day decisions are also difficult for such people.

The natives of this house have mental issues as well. 

Their fickle-mindedness might be obstacles in the path of making decisions. Proper medical assistance is to be given to them. If the Moon's position is in Navamsha of the birth chart or the Moon is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth position, the native, would require medical treatment. Surgery is not required, generally. It becomes meaningful only in the case of a tumor or blood clot in the brain. Proper examination of the horoscope is to be done to avoid any mishappening.

The natives are good at making enemies through interaction, written, or spoken communication. They are into back-biting, which is the primary reason for gathering enemies. Due to the Moon in the 6th house, animosity is generated, which can be both long term and short term oriented. If Aries, Cancer, or Libra are positioned in the sixth house, the hostility is short-lived and is based on feelings of anger or discomfort or temporary damage.

If Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces are positioned in the sixth house, the hostility wouldn't be too bad provided Moon's own Mahadasa does not intervene. If the Moon's Mahadasa is an obstacle, it might last for ten years or a balanced timeline of the Mahadasha Moon. 

Because, if Capricorn (a cardinal Sign but governed by het, Saturn), Sagittarius (a mutable Sign, but one hand -natured Rasi), or a fixed Sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) in the sixth house, it gives rise to permanent enmity.

If the native is sensitive, even a few months or few years would appear permanent damage.  An emotionally robust person won't keep things bad for a long time.

When Moon is alone in the sixth house, the hostility would be manageable. However, if a supple planet is in the sixth house, or any other Grah has more than three-fourth Drishti on Moon positioned in the sixth house, the hostility would be severe. It might cause losses on financial and educational fronts. Physical damage to near and dear ones can also be in the store.

When Moon is in the sixth house, and any other planet(s) is in the twelfth house, it might lead to partial mental illness. If Sagittarius or Capricorn, or any other Sign is positioned in the sixth house, the insanity can be troublesome. Astrological and medical verification should be done in such cases.

When the Moon in the sixth house, repeated issues of cough, cold, sour throat, diphtheria during childhood, pleurisy (dry or wet), or enlargement of tonsils can occur.

Suppose Jupiter is in the sixth or eighth or in the twelfth house. In that case, the respiratory system might be troubled. The growth or development of boils occurs between upper ribs and neck can occur, issues related to the thyroid, discoloration of the skin of the face and upper part of chest and back, leukemia, or leukoderma takes place.

If Mars is in the first, fourth, eighth, or twelfth house, religious solutions might not help. Instead, medical aid would be compulsory.

The natives criticize their spouses and are indifferent towards the family. Discords take place between the couples. Moon remedy becomes essential in such cases.

Moon badly affects the digestive system after 48 years in men and after the age of 42 to 45 years in women. Walking would be helpful in both cases.

Some astrologers believe that Moon in the sixth house makes the natives lazy, while the more experienced astrologers do not think so and consider that this happens when one or more soft planets be in the third house.

These people have a habit of self-diagnosing themselves and others based on the medical knowledge they amass. But such actions might cause long term damage.

Moon in the sixth house led to the amassing half-knowledge, which might lead to making misinformed decisions. However, these natives find it hard to amend mistakes. 

The natives have troubled relationships with siblings and other family members. However, improvements might take place in the cases of spouses that too if compromises are made.

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