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Moon in 2nd House

Moon in 2nd House

Even a waning Moon gives favourable results in this house. The individual usually doesn't suffer from lack of funds, no doubt, money supply being strictly by the family's standards and the sources of the individual's earning, sometimes added with the spouse's earnings or rental income or returns on investments. Whatever the Rasi in the 2nd house, the individual remains within their resources and budget rather strictly.

What does the Moon in the 2nd house represent? 

Moon prompts extra spending on clothes and wardrobe of self and spouse and children, and on medical treatment, more so of spouse and general family. These individuals are not fond of consuming drugs and drinks heavily. Still, they sometimes store an excellent quantity of wines, beer, and other alcoholic drinks and cold beverages for consumption in the company of friends and guests. 

These individuals are fond of putting up a somewhat artificial show of status by using silverware, high-quality tapestry and linen, furniture, and decoration items in the house. But if any of Mars, 

Mercury, Saturn is with Moon in the 2nd house; the artificialism gets exposed easily and quickly. 

These individuals take a lot of trouble in training the spouse according to their liking for a particular lifestyle (artificialism in that style). Still, the spouse doesn't naturally fall in line, and the effort falls flat. 

The 2nd house is related to wealth, costly assets, and valuable daily use items. The individuals are often fond of collecting all these in life, no doubt keeping in mind their resources to possess, without access to loans debts.

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