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moon in Scorpio sign

moon in Scorpio sign

The native will fall sick in his childhood. He will stay greedy, sad, and capricious and won't be able enough to express himself entirely. He will also have to live away from his family. The native will escalate his capability to work in a better way. Along with that, he has to suffer from various governmental issues, including paying financial penalties. You will not have a great time with your relatives. You will also invest in gambling. 

Painful death is predicted. He may also join services. If the Moon is situated in the sign and encircled by two malefic planets, at this juncture, you will face burns and injuries inflicted by deadly weapons.

A full moon in Scorpio ensures excellent results for a wedding, especially for Taurus Ascendants. Apart from that, if the Moon is weak in Scorpio but this is great for Aquarius Ascendant. The impact of mars on the Moon will bring out excellent results and make you powerful.

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