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moon in Sagittarius sign

moon in Sagittarius sign

Natives who have Sagittarius as their zodiac sign can easily communicate their ideas and knowledge. Natives will also have an oval face and an elongated neck. You will stay healthy, generous, and happy. Native may remain short, as he will have an average height but abnormal weight; this will only happen if Jupiter is mighty in the horoscope. 

He will live his life somewhere near water. He will remain courageous and develop leadership qualities even though he will be rich but remain miserable. The native will get successful in speculation only if Gemini is the ascendant. However, natives married life wouldn't be happy. 

Natives will face toothache issue. If Cancer in the Ascendant and Moon is placed in the weak place in Sagittarius appears to be a bad combination. The natives will be indulged in destructive behavior. You may also take loans, get involved in gambling, consume alcohol, and act as a womanizer. The waning Moon in Sagittarius will bring out separation from partner for Capricorn Ascendant. And, you are supposed to give unwell children to a native who Aquarius Ascendant. 

For strong Pisces Ascendant, this will be an excellent time. The combination of the sun, Venus, and Jupiter will bring out a great outcome. The impact of Mars on the Moon in Sagittarius will make the native wealthy, and you could also be placed in any senior post of Army. Saturn's proper aspect will bring out ethically correct results and make you a fair and communicative speaker. 

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