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Moon in 9th House

Moon in 9th House

The ninth house relates to luck, inheritance, fame, faith, character, and relations. Rarely does the Moon attains influence in the ninth house due to its waxing and waning aspect. Moon depends on planets in the ninth house and on the ruler of the ninth house. Very few astrologers believe in this fact, but it is true.

Natives with Moon in Ninth House have Faith in God

With the Moon's effect, the natives tend to have faith in God, and they do not become atheists. People go on pilgrimages with family and partners. Usually, the native is large-hearted and loves to do charity. The natives are connected to several groups and organizations which are associated with philanthropy and religiosity. Examples can be temples, churches, gurudwaras, and mosques. Moon in the ninth house does not cause any defamation to the native due to lacks such as bribes, hypocrisy. Though they are into charity, they might be framed in wrong cases. That is why, such people must be very careful of the kind of people they meet. Friends and foes are difficult to be found out until and unless something wrong or unlawful happens.

Familial Relations

The ninth house is related to familial relations such as siblings, niece, nephew, uncles, and aunts. The natives related to the ninth house believe in having friendly relations with everyone and avoid conflicts. Due to the Moon’s impact, these people are quite friendly. Not only this, but also, they are peace-lovers. The meaning of this is that they do not like to quarrel with others. Such a peaceful attitude keeps feuds at the bay.

Over-indulgence in Forbidden Pleasures

The natives belonging to this house tend to be in illicit relationships. Due to the Moon's effect, the native goes astray and look for forbidden liaisons. It makes him/her immoral. The degree of immorality tends to vary from person to person. Being in illicit relations destroys the other relationships as well. The reason behind this is that such bonds are secretive in nature. The moment the secret comes out, everything around is in shambles. The mind tend to indulge in forbidden pleasures due to the Moon’s effect.

Respect for elders

However, when it comes to the family and elders, these people are very much focussed and they are extremely dutiful. The people belonging to this house are loyal and obedient to their parents. They abide by the elders until and unless the elders are not wrong. They spend a lot on their parents and elders and are not opinionated about others. In terms of not being opinionated, these people do not judge others. As a result, they do not formulate any opinions about others. Indeed, it is a good quality.

Inclination towards higher education

These people are inclined towards higher education. They are also particular about earning for themselves and their families, but their desire for advanced studies is intense. Higher studies tend to charm them and they feel inclined towards studying further. However, they are duty bound as they have a realization of earning for their families. 

Love for Travels

These people are fond of tours and travels. They have the desire to visit new places and to know about them. Travelling is an interesting way of getting exposed to the outer world. It is a very good means of self-education. These people believe in broadening up their horizons of knowledge basis by traveling around the world. 

Self-reliant Natives

The family members such as aunts, uncles, in-laws might help with some gains. Parents might not provide many assets. These people are sincere and do not expect their mothers to spend much on them. Being self-reliant, these people believe in taking care of themselves on their own. Rather, they do not prefer their mothers spend amounts on them.

Other Aspects

These people aren't into sexual orgies until and unless Venus has a direct connection with the ninth house or has Drishti on the ninth house. These people do not believe in flaunting their sexuality much. However, if the natives in the ninth house have Drishti on the same house, the possibility of being involved in orgies might be true.

Natives tend to take care of the inheritance both of themselves and the parents, both distant and living with them. Inherited property holds importance but it needs to be protected as many people in the family have an eye on the property. That is why, property related matters always tend to create disorder and chaos among the family members both distant and near ones.

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