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Moon in Leo Sign

Moon in Leo Sign

Even though his mother and the native will mostly dominate, Leos will also show immense respect, care, and love to his mother. But apart from that, it is the women who will create severe trouble in your life. Also, your married life wouldn't be happy or content. The native will remain the man of ethics and principles and will maintain a dignified position. However, he will remain anxious, annoyed, and vengeful throughout. The native will always stay extraordinarily generous and will have a broad chest as well as a clear face. He will face some toothache and stomach related issues. The positioning of the powerful Moon for Aries Ascendant appears to be not so fruitful. After facing severe difficulties, the native will have a daughter. Now, if the ascendant is Leo, the native will have a severe defect in eyesight or face any eye problem. The proper placement of the sun on the Moon will place the native at a higher level. When Mars aspects Moon in Leo, then native will bring out the prosperous outcome. The native will also become a senior army officer. 

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