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Moon in 4th House

moon in fourth house

Moon in the 4th house, this house majorly regulates the following:

1. The roles of a mother, such as breastfeeding

2. Inheritance of knowledge

3. Experience and quality of character

4. Means of transportation, friends, property

5. Food and diet, digestive system

6. Nature of sleep. 

7. Maintenance of cattle for milk and transportation

People associated with this house are into cribbing and complaining. Good results might be challenging to receive. Many things depend upon this house, its position of the lord, and the Moon's relationship. Navamsha chart also plays an influential role regarding the Moon in the fourth house. Moon gives lesser results when Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Aquarius is in the fourth house and all the more reduced outcomes if Mars and Saturn have 6:8 inimical relations with Moon.

What does the Moon in the 4th house represent? 

Moon regulates the Mind of the native. The mood of the native depends majorly on the native's Mind.  Lord Krishna has mentioned in the holy Gita wherein it is said that "Mind alone is the cause of an individual's bindings (and bounds) and salvation". 

If Aries or Scorpio is in the fourth house in the birth-chart or its Navamsha or its Kaarakaansh chart, the mother lacks breastfeeding. If Capricorn or Aquarius in the fourth house in birth chart or Navamsha or Kaurakaansh chart, the mother, for the sake of her beauty and personality, doesn't perform breastfeeding, despite being capable of it. In both cases, bottle-feeding or employing a surrogate (feeding-nurse) becomes the only option. If the parents are financially weak, they have low body development and ill health until four years.

Regarding transport, conveyance facility in the fourth house, these get arranged without much ado. If Moon is in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, or Pisces, the individual enjoys rides on multiple transport systems either owned by self, parents, spouse, or provided by the employers. Until and unless a sign is ruled by Mars or Saturn is in the fourth house and Moon is under not so favorable impact of Saturn, Mars or Rahu, the mode of transport cannot meet accidents.

Regarding diet, the native loves to have sweets and drinkable items, which leads to weight gain. Other than these items, all food habits are good enough. People belonging to this house observe fast to fulfill medical requirements and not from a religious perspective.

Moon offers normal sleep except when it is not in combination with Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, or Herschell, or is not in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Aquarius. A lot depends on the Kaarak chart at the time of birth. If the Kaarak-planets (doer=giver of comfort from) for mother and spouse is the planet, such niceties are entirely valid. If the hard-planets Mars, Saturn, or sun govern mother and spouse, childhood and married life would be significantly affected. It would also determine whether the child would be under the care of a natural mother or nurse from adolescence and adulthood.

The native is honest and helpful to close friends, even if they are not acceptable in return. However, in the later stages of life, the latter cannot be ignored. After marriage, friendships lessen to a maximum of two friends. 

In terms of property-related matters, an individual is a satisfied person who remains restricted to ownership of premises. There are good chances of receiving property by inheritance, adoption, gift, or award for gallantry or outstanding services to the nation due to the Moon being in the fourth house. The individual does not borrow a large amount of money to take ownership of residence or work but can borrow if they receive pressure from family and friends.

The native does not have faith in speculation regarding property unless there is some heavy monetary loss. 

The native is into social work and into helping human beings and animals. Some of the work performed by them are: 

1. Construction of a shelter for the needy and poor

2. Building school or other sources of education, religious premises, hospital or dispensary

3. Other facilities for public use. 

If the native has a lack of resources, the native seeks help from others. 

The native is quick in providing medical help to the mother, spouse, and relatives.  But the native is afraid of surgeries both for oneself and others. In women, natives are fearful of cesarean surgery and prefer to go for standard delivery.

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