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Moon in 1st House

Moon in 1st House

The individual is often self-involved and feels lonely even when sitting with a group of people, hearing a case, or speaking on a public platform. When speaking on a public platform or arguing before any court or tribunal or any high authority, the individual continues talking about the same subject for very long. Also, amidst the conversation, the person tends to deviate from the topic and rather speak about something completely different from the original topic. He either returns to the previous point abruptly or forgets the previous point altogether. The same thing happens when the individual participates in a conversation with one or a group of people.

Effects of Moon in the First House 

In courts of law, judges in tribunals or appellate authority often stick to a particular point during the arguments or submissions and deal with that specific point in great detail. In doing so, they often accidentally ignore neglect or overlook other vital points. Such persons' tendency often leads to injustice or incorrect decisions, making the litigants or applicants suffer the consequences without any fault of their own. 

These individuals are sometimes considered given more to the objective side of a matter and get controlled more by their emotions than by factual position. 

If Moon is in the weaning process at birth, sometimes (not always, and not in every case) it gives partial or complete deafness, squints in the eyes, tendency to utter censorious and insulting remarks in conversation as also in written language. Moon is quickly affected by the other planet(s) in conjunction with it, and Moon's results get increased or diminished accordingly. 

If the Moon is in a waxing position, it gives a fair complexion and a charming face, thereby influencing its personality. A child's complexion is a relative matter depending on several factors, including family traditions, the country's nearness to or distance from the Equator, and the climate of that region. The same theory applies to a charming and a pretty face. The views on this point differ from person to person. 

If it is in the weaning process, it adversely affects the facial appearance (not necessarily and not always). Moon adversely affects the individual's financial status compared to others in the family or the same income source or social status. 

With soft planets, Moon especially has got a direct concern with the education of the individual. It helps in obtaining complete education at a stretch without a break. If Moon is with the hard planet(s), like Rahu or Ketu, it gives long gaps in education, which results in reaching the final aim in education by self-effort. 

Moon is very much concerned with the possibilities of survival of the infant within the first two years of birth, which would depend significantly on the Rasi in the first house, the position of its lord, and Moon's associations with that lord of the 1st house. Though, after the age of two years, Moon doesn't directly concern the individual's longevity. 

And lastly, the question that arises is many individuals with Moon in the 1st house are given to fanciful thinking, often reflecting in their actions and conversations or decisions and Judgement; a hint has already been given. The whims and quickly-changing mood lead to correct or incorrect actions and decisions or judgments. Special care of the individual's mental health is needed if Scorpio or Capricorn or Aquarius in the 15t house, and the lord of that Rasi (Mars or Saturn) is in 2nd 6th, 8th, or 12th house. Then the individual starts facing mental disturbance or even disorders regularly, vindicating medical therapies. On condition that Mars is lord of the 1st house will give uncalled for bad temper and anger to the individual. If Saturn is lord of the 1$ house, it will give obstinacy and stubbornness bordering on unstable minds and minds. These circumstances of the mind are the preliminary signals of partial and slow insanity. And things got worse if Mars is in the 1st house with Moon. The chances are that mental trouble complaints start to give signals latest by 27-28 years. If Saturn is in coexistence with Moon or casting more than 45 out of 60 Drishtis on Moon and if Saturn is lord of the Rasi in the 1st house, the mental health trouble arises before the age of 46 years, preferably after 30 years of age.

But an astrologer shouldn't jump to results and outcomes at first glance of the ownership of the 1st house and that lord's placement in the 2nd/ 6th/ 8th or 12th house. One must examine the Mahadasa and its sub-periods and Saturn's transit in the 2nd, 8th, or 12th house or transit of retrograde Mars in the 2nd, 7th, 8th, or 12th house. And the astrologer should not overlook the positions of Mars, Saturn, and Moon in the Navamsha chart, be it a male or a female. Instead, full attention must be paid to the yearly chart(s) covering the specific periods of transit of Mars and Saturn. Only then an astrologer should conclude. Even then, he or she should be watchful in choosing the correct words to communicate that conclusion to the person concerned, relatives, or any others. Cases of this category must always be treated as top secret, not for quoting even as an example! 

One point is repeated concerning Moon in the 1st house. It gives considerable self-confidence and the capacity to maintain secrecy (where needed), and varied capacity to think and plan with undivided attention. The same rule applies to the working of 

The individual who generally dislikes interference in the course of working, no doubt having an open mind towards constructive and beneficial suggestions (rather than commands).

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