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Moon in 11th House

Moon in 11th House

The 11th House symbolizes friendships, acquaintances, hopes, and professional lives. Moon in Eleventh House directs to the need for emotional fulfillment, the desire to feel a sense of belongingness, and a desire to be in the friends' proximity. Overall, there is a constant urge to feel relevant today and in everyone's lives. These natives are resilient fighters. They face huge problems and tend to solve them with a lot of maturities. They might need assistance from the family, friends, and their near ones when battling with questions, and they do not hesitate to ask for help. These people are good at making new contacts, and this makes them very social people. They are experts in networking.

Some of the aspects which are impacted due to the position of Moon in the eleventh House are:

  1. Ambition

  2. Emotional Health 

  3. Networking

  4. Love relationships

The attitude of People belonging to this House

These people are magnanimous by heart as they are fraught with hopes, aspirations, wishes, and so on. They are dreamers with vast desires. Being large-hearted, these people do not think evil of others and believe in the good of all.

These people's emotions are always high, and, in such cases, when these people are with people, they tend to feel safe and satisfied. That is why these people are always associated with particular groups, organizations, and other such places. They love to be people's persons. Being involved in so many groups, these people are good at networking and contact-building. However, they can bond with people who share a similar thought process. Apart from being well connected in the family, they desire to have good connections outside the home.


Due to their pleasant bent of mind, these people are successful in their careers. These people do not wish to compete with anyone and focus more on themselves than on others. That is why all admire them.

Imbalance in Emotions

However, people belonging to the Moon in the eleventh House are relatively unstable in their lives. A significant reason behind this instability might be the factor of emotional turbulence in them. As these people are hard-working, they have to face many ups and downs in their lives, disturbing their psyche. Due to their frequent mood swings, these people are not good at sustaining after a lot of struggle. Due to the fluctuations in their emotions, they take a lot of time deciding their inner calling. And if that inner calling involves efforts, they might find it hard to bounce back again. Mental restlessness tends to overcome their will to succeed. 

People take Advantage of their Friendly Nature.

Being friendly with others has its demerits too. They might get carried away by others, and others can influence them. These people need to be careful and cautious of others take them. Many people can take advantage of such people. Success makes others envious. A well-mannered bent of mind might add on to that.

Due to the influence of the Moon, the natives tend to earn well. These people are the epitome of honesty in terms of handling money. They are not into accepting bribes or other such unlawful activities. 

Bonding with the Children

The individual is cautious when it comes to the issue of education of their children. Although education depends on the children's stars, the parents have to do their part in imparting their education. These people are open-minded towards their children, and they do not have any issues in accepting their children's love relationships. If everything is proper, they tend to get the children married by their choice. They do not force their children to live with them.

The native is kind and helpful towards the spouses of the children. The only condition is that they should respect elders and should not misbehave. People belonging to this House are very much concerned about the way others behave with the elders.

These people do not support abortion both in wedlock and out of wedlock. These people value life and consider legitimate and illegitimate children as equal.

Other Aspects

These people receive the complete inheritance of their fathers. Sometimes, mothers might come in between the children and claiming of the heritage. The bond with the mother is a bit disturbed due to the placement of the stars. Most of the time, these dynamics are embedded inside the heart and tend to pop out when family disputes occur.

Overall, the natives of Moon in the eleventh House are great at creating bonds and maintaining them. They love together. And they make fair use of their social skills to fulfill their high goals. However, their emotional bent of time might create problems. All their strengths fall short in front of their weakness of being overly emotional. No matter how much positive they might be, they can turn negative due to their over-emotional attitude. Therefore, they are advised to stay cautious about their feelings. To be successful, they ought to keep emotions at bay.

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