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Moon in 8th House

Moon in 8th House

This house is a bit troublesome in terms of gender. The reason behind this is that men tend to have feminine characteristics, while women tend to have masculine traits. It creates adjustment issues with the partner and their families. Gender has always been a pestering issue. Now with the change in the lifestyles, a lot of hormonal changes are happening in the people which are different than the traditional setup. We all have heard about gender role reversal, how the men have women’s features and men have womanly features.

Such dynamics disrupt the intimate life of the natives. The husband might be effeminate and lack initiative and drive, whereas the wife might be more active in the issues related to advancements. A lot of times it happens that the men are expected to be masculine enough and they are expected to make the first move. However, on the contrary, it is the women who are at the forefront in terms of being masculine and being the first ones to make all sorts of moves. On the other hand, the men are becoming dormant. Overall, a lot of confusion and anxiety takes place in sexual life.

In such cases, the eighth house and the lord of this house play an important role. Also, the Navamsha chart of husband and Trinshansha chart of wife would matter a lot in such cases. After, marriage, the stars of the husband and wife influence each other. So, a lot depends on the planets of the couple.

Impact of Moon in Eighth House on the Mind

Moon in the eighth house is related to the polite bent of mind and in the magnificence of benevolence. It also enhances concentration. As per ancient astrology, the natives belonging to the eighth house might be stealing, which disturbs relations, but the chances are less. The three aspects of being polite, having strong concentration and rare thefts are all the impacts of the natives belonging to the eighth house. With a polite demeanour, these people tend to win everyone hearts. With strong concentrations skill, these people are very much focussed in what they do. Regarding the act of stealing, such cases are less but do exist. Such people can be counselled or can be made understand.

Such a position creates troubles in the love life as the male partner is feminine, and the female partner is masculine. Such a reversal in natures might create problems in the marriage too. The impact of other stars would be an add-on problem. Marriage needs to have balance and such balance can be brought only when the couples are true to each other in sharing their problems with each = other.

Impact of Moon in Eighth House on Health

The eighth position causes various illnesses and diseases. The concerned house is related to mental conditioning, which is connected to ailm ents and minor issues. Caution is needed for such natives so that they can be saved from any serious disease. Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure. It is always better to take precautions than being caught and then look for its cure.

Tuberculosis, pleurisy, obesity, mental and physical impotence in men is some of the issues related to the natives. In women, the menstrual cycle gets disrupted, the breast's size reduces, and milk release reduces. Many hormonal imbalances happen in men and women due to the masculine and feminine aspects getting disturbed. Such disturbances cause suffocation in day-to-day life of the people going through such transitions.

Another impact pertains to mood swings, which gives rise to uneven nature. The mind becomes fickle, and decision-making capacity also encounters problems. Insanity might also take place from puberty till the age of 28 years. Lack of sexual drive is a major cause behind it. Partial insanity might also take place. In some cases, astrologers have solved the issue of lack of sexual desire through co-habitation. If insanity persists, co-habitation cannot take place, which leads to non-fulfillment of sexual drive.

The natives might be afraid of water as it might lead to drowning. Food poisoning, wrong medication might cause severe issues. Septic wounds might also take place. Natives are required to take care of themselves to evade such issues.

Allegations and Accusations

Moon in the eighth house, which is the twelfth position from the ninth one, leads to defamation mainly related to the handling of funds in the social or religious organizations. Accusations and allegations might take place on the innocent natives. It is to be averted by staying away from fund management related matters and responsibilities. A lot of times, out of enmity, people tend to accuse the innocent of theft or manipulations. One must avoid such people and matters.

They are blamed by relatives such as aunts, uncles, and siblings for forcefully claiming a share in the family inheritance. No one is guilty when it comes to such allegations. People who blame others do not think much before doing it.

Love for Travelling

The natives are fond of traveling abroad and tend to settle in a foreign land. Their desire to travel gets fulfilled most of the time. Travelling adds on to their knowledge base. It makes them feel free and they like learning through travelling.

When Moon is in the eighth house of a child, the Bhava Chalitam position of the Moon is favorable. However, the Cancer and Navamsha chart's placement should be verified by an experienced and honest astrologer for best and guided results. It is always to better to get the horoscope verified by expert astrologers. The position of the Moon plays an important role in determining the different aspects of life.

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