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Moon in Cancer Sign

Moon in Cancer Sign

Cancerians will have a more significant impact and influence on Mother. He will remain too prone to females. The native will have a stagnant financial condition; he will own any expensive property. He will also be placed in a higher position; he is always fond of beautiful and colorful flowers. Along with that, he will also develop a strong inclination towards astrology and occult. 

The native will remain extremely happy and content as he will also have a proper place to stay. The native will face various changes; some could be profitable though some problematic. The native can also shift to abroad. From many aspects, including longevity, it is not so beneficial for Gemini Ascendant, significantly when mars influence it. This combination of Mars and the powerful Moon will bring out severe significance and sub-period in the childhood of the native; possibly he wouldn't survive it. 

When the sun combines Moon in cancer while Scorpio's ascendant will bring out positive and excellent results for native in life, you will lead a prosperous life. The placement of the sun on the Moon will bring out more generous and optimistic results. However, the impact of Venus on the Moon in Cancer will bring out lustful results, ultimately lead to the development of a bad moral and a non-ethical character. 

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