Moon in Different Houses & Signs

In astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs. Due to the planets' continuous movement in the solar system, planets' placement in these houses and signs differs from one person to another. The sign where the satellite of Earth, the Moon, is positioned at the time of the native's birth is called the Sun Sign. In magazine columns, the latter form of astrology is used. 

Sun Sign v/s Moon Sign

The Sun, regarded as the most powerful celestial body in the solar system, affects human beings' lives. But the noticeable thing is that it concerns our external personality more than our inner self. In one sign, it stays for about 30 days, so it is easy to determine one's personality by his or her date of birth and using the Sun sign. But it is not always the best method. On the other hand, the Moon takes about 2.5 days to switch signs. It is a study that allows us to know the impact of psychological, physical, and supernatural effects on our minds more precisely. The Sun exhibits one's outer personality—the way one projects oneself to the world. On the flip side, the Moon is the accurate representation of one's inner self—what one actually is. 

Why Vedic Astrology Values Moon Sign?

Most of the time, you might have seen that other people cannot judge you in the way you think about yourself. This condition is so because some people see contrasting tendencies in their Sun sign and Moon sign personality. 

As per Vedic Astrology, the Moon sign is regarded equally if not considered more important than the Sun sign. This case is so because it helps in having a close and more accurate analysis of one's personality and future events. 

Derivation of a Moo sign requires an exact place of birth and the exact date and time of a native. The reason why Moon is given an essential position in Vedic astrology is that it throws light on emotions and the mind. Due to its fast transitions, it affects our lives more closely in comparison to other planets. Its waxing and waning are often associated with the mood swings of a native. 

Moon, the closest heavenly body to Earth, takes 28-days to complete one revolution around the Earth, which is associated with the menstrual cycle and mother and femininity. It essentially signifies one's intrinsic qualities, dislikes, interests, temperament, behavior, instincts, and emotional makeup. It also sheds light on one's peace of mind and mental health. Furthermore, the predictions you read every day are taken based on the Moon position so that you can think of its impact on your everyday life. Briefly, the Moon is an indicator of your true inner self, while Sun enables you to project yourself to the world.

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