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Mercury in 12th House

Mercury in 12th House

Just like the other planets in the 12th house, Mercury too requires a distinct consideration while framing an idea about Birth-chart, Yearly-chart, monthly-chart or 2.5 days Hora-chart, or even a question-chart. In the first place, 12 house considers expenditures, losses, problems with the government organizations, penalty, punishment, arguments happening in the family, and might also face problems regarding children or with children or from the children. In the second place, the enemies, opponents, or foes might cause trouble, harassment because the 6th house falls under direct and full Drishti of Mercury. The education of children, which comes under the 5th house, faces a negative impact because of Mercury residing in the 8th position from the 5th house.

Impact on education of individuals

When Mercury is in the 12th house, the education of an individual is primarily affected. These kinds of people either take too much time to learn something or are under the need of being taught repeatedly to grasp the content. The level of intelligence of such people can also be inferior. In rare scenarios, educational facilities for higher studies may remain unavailable. In the end, there comes the problem of financial stability to afford all the three stages of education (primary, secondary, or higher) or unavailability of all perks required to provide the desired education. For example, students could not come to study engineering or medicine from upper Central India and Lower Rajputana, especially within a radius of 70 miles (112km) because in four or five princely states, there was the unavailability of facilities to educate the students from these regions on science subjects in the phase of 1920s '30s and '40s. The third matter of concern relates to the education of the children, and the same problems have already been discussed in the above-written paragraphs. In recent times, it becomes a matter of distress for the children as well as the parents, if their offspring, even if any one of them remains uneducated or less educated. This kind of situation often creates misunderstandings and differences between the children and their parents. These differences take the shape of an even worse situation if hard or cruel stars become an addition to the Mercury being placed in the 12th house.

Impact on finance of individuals

The very next factor that comes under the effect of Mercury being in the 12th house is the question of keeping accounts, especially when an individual is involved with his/her own business or is involved with accounts work of business run by someone else. The particular person is neither rapid nor punctual with his or her work of writing down the accounts record immediately after a transaction in cash or kind. This particular nature of the person signifies that he or she tries to take note of the accounts in his or her memory, which ultimately widens the scope of making more mistakes.

Negative impacts on individuals

The fourth matter of concern arises questions regarding the dispute, trouble, problems that might be created by mistakes, lapses, fraud, forgery in any matter regarding deeds and documents or any kind of valuable papers, verbal and written statements. Another major source of tension or dispute for a particular person can be any sort of proof which he or she might have presented, and as a consequence, a charge of punishment or perjury comes up.

With Mercury being in the 12th house, another problem that arises is unauthorized use of written or published works of others, false orally stated or written commitments, incorrect reports being submitted by the journalists, critically insulting or defaming editorials or articles in print media, and also unfair criticisms being done on books and other material in print media. Disputes concerning royalty, presenting false documents in support of an individual's case or in contradiction of the opposite party's case, and several other problems come under the domain of Mercury being in the 12th house.

People being inaccurate in drafting legal documents can also occur if Mercury remains in the 12th house, and as a result, each and every individual has to suffer the consequences indirectly because of the fault of someone else. Faults in the filling of any kind of tax returns or nomination papers for any election also comes under the control arena of Mercury in the 12th house. Unfortunately, as a consequence, every individual has to suffer because of such disadvantages.

Problems arising from the spoken or written word or withholding written or spoken word at the right moment or opportunity are also consequences caused by Mercury in the 12th house, and this aspect ultimately gives rise to enmity, confrontation, Conflict, opposition, dispute, and sometimes legal action too.

Remedies for individuals

It is always beneficial to examine in details the position of Mercury in the 12th house on the basis of the Bara Chalitam (i.e., chart of fixation of planetary positions in the twelve houses), and Navamsha, and in addition, Trinshansha-chart in the case of females needs examination, even better if done in childhood itself. If Mercury is found harmful in both Bhava- Chalitam, and NavamshalTrinshansha, astrologers should suggest steps for remedies according to the requirement of the individual after proper and detailed examination of the horoscope. The most important matter is that the bad influence that Mercury can have on an individual due to its position is always remediable. The question is on the knowledge and expertise of the astrologer that whether he or she is able to provide correct remedies to the client and also on the concern, eagerness, seriousness, and regularity of the client in implementing and doing as suggested by the astrologer.

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