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Mercury in 3rd House

Mercury in 3rd House

Mercury is considered one of the most significant planets in astrology. It signifies communication, intelligence, and mental process. It causes subtle happenings in its natives that may affect them in a big way. Regarding its existence in the third House, it stands for siblings, thoughts, writing and speaking, short trips, interactions in our immediate environment, neighbours, and we formulate our language skills, thoughts, communications, and media. So, when this planet is positioned in the third House, the natives may be inquisitive and curious and take a deep interest in the world's happenings. The areas affected due to the presence of Mercury in the 3rd House include profession, a wide range of interests, relationship and bonding, and communication and expression.


Benefic Effects of Mercury in the 3rd House

  • The natives having Mercury in the 3rd house of their natal charts are keenly interested in reading, speaking, teaching, exchanging ideas, and keep abreast of the daily happenings. They are also fond of gossiping. Being quick-witted, they are very talkative and tend to share their knowledge with others. They can be a list maker and are involved in their community. Some of them are very nervous and fidgety.  

  • The natives may take up short journeys in life, especially for business or educational reasons. They are good at being a jack of all trade. They are also multi-taskers and often study more than one course at a time. 

  • Mercury, positioned in the 3rd house, is related to writing, short travel, communication, etc. This is the right place, where Mercury feels at home. The natives are comfortable expressing their views. They are creative and versatile enough to put their ideas into practice. They are also very alert and work very hard. They also have deep bonding with siblings. 

  • The natives are careful and ensure that their schedule does not clash with their responsibilities. If they cannot manage everything on their own, they tend to talk to someone about it. They are a dab hand in using their stellar communication skills to ask someone for help. They do not hesitate to involve others too in their problems, which they think will lighten their burden and make them feel relieved. 

  • They need to slow down once in a while and rest, or else they may get tired badly. It may also adversely impact their physical and mental wellbeing. With their curious mind, they can research how to handle their job, family, and social life better. They will also have sufficient time to learn about the different wonders of the world.


Malefic Effects of Mercury in the 3rd House

  • As the natives with Mercury in the third house of their natal charts are interested in diverse fields, they may explore many topics and have various hobbies. But it gets difficult for them to get fully immersed in any subject. 

  • Just because of this, natives do not have complete knowledge and expertise in anything. They do not remain stuck to one subject for a long time and make opinions immediately depending on the short amount of time they have spent with the people.


In a Nutshell

All in all, Mercury planet is all about communication and intelligence. When it is positioned in the third House, the natives' curiosity increases. As a result, they feel interested in knowing and learning a lot of things. But once they start learning too many things, they end up creating discrepancies for themselves. So, this is a major drawback for them. They should contemplate the old proverb, "Don't have too many irons in the fire." Or in other words, "He who begins many things, finishes but few." So, in their desire to explore more and more, the natives with Mercury in the 3rd House of their natal charts may miss out on a few important things if they fail to work judiciously. 

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