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Mercury in 10th House

Mercury in 10th House

The 10th house is one of the best positions for Mercury, no matter the 'Rashi' in the house. The person is characterized by a soft, docile, pensive nature with tenderness in their criticism too. They have great potential, knowledge, experience, and skills to become writers, poets, professors, journalists, translators, or editors in the fields of literature, etc. If the person gets the job of a commentary-writer, they will do a job like Mallinath in Sanskrit literature. If they write a grammar, their work can stand in comparison to Panninya, a grammarian in Sanskrit; Kamata Prasad Guru in Hindi grammar and literature, or Nesfield and P.C.Wren's work in English grammar.

Impact on the career of the natives

The native has appreciable oratory skills and can do a good job at being a priest, preacher of any religious gospel of any faith or cult, Katha-Vachak(reciting and explaining religious scripts), narrating stories, prompting on stage at a theatre, or writing explanatory notes in college or school guide books. They are also likely to achieve great opportunities in managerial jobs like that of a principal, registrar, professor, or lecturer in an educational institute, a school, or college. Apart from that, they might also consider other jobs such as, they can be the head post of any religious institutes like mosques (for the Muslims), gurudwara(for the Sikhs), temples(for the Hindus), and other religious organizations are also likely to be performed with utmost efficiency by these people. Since the native seemed to be really competent enough, they may also do a great job at being a trustee, an adviser, or even a court jester.

Impact on knowledge and skills of the natives

These individuals are also blessed with the intelligence of their mother. For the individuals whose Mercury is in the 10th house, formal education is not a necessary factor to bind oneself to the term if intelligence to a mother because these individuals themselves, without even a second thought, are very intelligent beings. From the 10th house, Mercury has direct 'Drishti' on the 4th house, which, among other things, governs their mothers too. It also because if this 'Drishti' only that such individuals are blessed with a literal shelter over their head to stay, without considering the fact that they themselves own the roof or not. With a straight-forward approach, these individuals are frank in stating their opinion (especially if they are shocking or controversial), they are also able to express ideas clearly and effectively in speech or writing, they also seemed to have a piece of great knowledge in the calculation, observing each and everything happening close to them, and have a great acumen at mathematics, and not only that, they also have a competent understanding and control over mantras. Considering all other things keeping in mind, they do their best at staying away from the 'Tantrik system' (black-magic). However, they approve of making yantras(talismans) of gold, silver, copper, or steel and worshiping them. Despite having immense knowledge, and not only that but also on religious matters and of the scriptures, they refrain from volunteering as a priest in ceremonies of marriage, first hair-cutting, and that of the last rites. Mercury being in the 10th house makes individuals like the one, who do not involve themselves in forging a document that has been left by anybody in their custody, but on the contrary, they at times get cheated on, especially in cases where they are writers. They always prefer to do an honest job or work, not only when they work as writers but also when they work as publishers.

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