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Mercury in Taurus Sign

Mercury in Taurus Sign

Mercury, known as Budh Grah in Vedic astrology, is a neutral Earthy planet. When it goes into Taurus, a Fixed Earth sign, the natives are firm decision-makers. Once they have made a decision, ordinary people cannot budge these natives. 

Taurus, ruled by Venus, shares a friendly relationship with Mercury. So, this placement proves to be beneficial for the natives. They tend to have stability in their lives. They are very much practical and believe in logic, and their concentration level is also very high. They prove to be successful in money management.


Attributes of Natives of Mercury in Taurus

The natives have strong business acumen. Nevertheless, they can be conservative in their views because they do not want alterations in their lives. They are good organizers and perform well in their managerial roles. They like to live luxuriously and comfortably. They like beautiful objects in their lives, such as flowers, jewelry, and various other things that seem appealing to their senses. They are also polite and soft-spoken to others. Regarding their love life, sexual satisfaction plays a significant role in the smooth running of their relationship. Mercury is related to muscles, and Venus represents beauty. A blend of these energies makes the natives fond of physical exercises.


How Does the Mercury in Taurus Affect the Natives?

The Mercury in Taurus affect the natives in the following:

  • The natives are very much focused in their lives. Besides, they have an exceptional concentration power. Since both Mercury and Taurus are associated with business, they think like a businessman. They never take a step in life without knowing its pros and cons. 

  • Since Mercury is the Karak planet of intelligence, the natives will be practical, cunning, and clever in life. They will also have an influential voice that will attract others around them. 

  • The natives tend to decide after lots of considerations and thinking about its advantages and disadvantages. Once they have decided something, they do not break without completing it. They rely on their instincts to jump to any conclusion. They express their views with refinement, which makes others listen to them attentively. Most natives have authoritative and soft quality. They tend to grasp things that have practical usage. They inherit an excellent sense of smell, touch, and color. 

  • The natives are knowledgeable resourceful about valuables and wealth. With their knowledge, they can build a stable and strong financial foundation. 

  • The natives are generally fortunate and lucky, especially in matters of wealth. Therefore, they know what is valuable for them but have the natural charm and luck that support them in their undertakings. 

  • The natives use their intellect morally and righteously. Their divine energies support their righteousness. Their divine support is an excellent source of their natural luck. 

  • The natives generate good results and get luxurious and valuable items that substantially improve their lifestyles.

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