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Mercury in 6th House

Mercury in 6th House

Whenever matters come to discussions regarding the influence of Mercury on an individual, it should always be remembered that Mercury is very much an innocent and non-violent planet. It always tries to remain aloof from engaging itself in causing and sort of harm or violence towards other individuals. On its maximum negative side, it can mostly reach the level of participating blackmailing, forgery, or threatening someone through oral or written means, but never take up the means of violence towards anybody. A saying forged in ancient times that said ~ an educated enemy is better than a foolish friend holds true in its entirety to the effects of Mercury in the 6th house. Adversaries including - illness, competitors, diseases, and the likes are governed by this house.

Impact on health of the individual

When it comes to matters concerning illness, Mercury adversely affects the intelligence, wisdom, and thinking abilities of a person. Mercury in the 6th house also adheres to a hint of fickle-mindedness, indecisiveness, and a relatively average memory in situations where it has associations with the moon in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house from the Ascendant. If the moon is supposed to cause more harm than usual, being in its waning phase or being under pressure from hard planets, it might result in partial insanity in the individual. Complete insanity of the individual would depend on Navamsha and Saptansha charts, too, as well as a family history of around three to four ancestral generations or physical or sexual associations with an insane person for some time. As per observations, in matters of complete or partial insanity, or even memory-loss in an accident, harsh thrashing, an illness caused by links between Moon and Mercury, medical treatment becomes the only remedy. 

However, for such individuals, the medical remedy should be preceded by the religious and spiritual treatment of the moon. When there are signs of positive results, a similar approach should be undertaken for Mercury too. Mercury is not a fatal planet, therefore causing the death of the suffered individual is contrary to its nature; even when there are cases of a brain hemorrhage, it will not lead to the death of a suffered individual. It may be responsible for eccentric behavior or delusions of the individuals before the actual death of the same, but it wouldn't be the cause. Mercury might make someone slip into the stage of coma, and if there is no influence of any other stars which can cause the death of the individual, there is hope for the affected person to survive. There are chances that the person might fully or partially recover from the state of coma. 

Impact on education of the individuals

In matters of education, the s students usually lack the urge to study with undivided and sincere attention towards the topic concerned. They are not fond of doing too much hard work, and neither are they interested in putting adequate attention to their studies to score well in their examination. The work assigned to them is not attended by them with complete sincerity or determination. This way, in order to achieve completion of their work, they resort to unfair means like copying someone else's work and other modes of cheating. They choose to exercise such unfair means during examinations as well. 

Impacts on finance of the individuals

They are also likely to get caught and receive punishment unless they have money or another sort of influence over the administrative authority. In the 6th house, Mercury is likely to bring about the difference of opinion with the mother's paternal family, and Mercury in Pisces, Taurus, Leo, or Aquarius, such differences may also lead to full-fledged adversity. The maternal family is likely to cause loss of ancestral wealth for the individual in the case of Mercury, as it is the lord of the 3rd or 12th house. Mercury also happens to dictate written words too and makes the individual take an unusually heightened interest in writing petitions, writ appeals, applications, and a statement for others on behalf of spouse required to be submitted before any court, legal forum, taxation authority, police investigative agency, etcetera. The person is likely to intentionally alter the contents of the writings with considerable falsehood and bitterness. In case the person loses the plea, they take it as a huge defeat thrust onto their face. Although rare, the person may resort to writing false allegations or even the ones that are genuine through anonymous letters against the person responsible for their defeat.

Spiritual beliefs of such individuals

Individuals with Mercury being placed in the 6th house also have a spiritual inclination and deeply believe in influences and troubles caused by the spirits or Atmaas. This makes them turn to or take help of spiritual chantings broadly considered as Tantra, mantra, or Yantra by themselves or by taking help from people who claims themselves to be expert in such activities. These individuals might also come off as sophisticated at times before public and make themselves appear as an expert in all knowledge; so much that they may also resort to the practicing mantra, Tantra, all by themselves, without the vigilance of any 'guru' or any other learned and experienced person. This results in them leading themselves into ways of harm. A guru is someone who teaches while providing practical guidance, but such individuals try to show themselves as to all knowledgeable, and they do not even need help from any guru.

These individuals tend to believe that all the information that they need is present in books, and a need for a 'guru' is not required, which is definitely incorrect. It is often so in any 'Upasana' (religious remedy) related to Goddess Durga or Bhairava or any Yaks. Another prominent flaw of these individuals with Mercury in the 6th house is their inability to keep correct track of records. Be it for themselves or in matters of business, self-employment, a venture, and they are not prompt or regular. Even in keeping accounts, they tend to create accounts from their own memory, thus making room for mistakes that result in the system receiving backlash and damage. 

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