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Mercury in 7th House

Mercury in 7th House

The powerful 7th house is considered to be the best position for Mercury. Mercury in this house dictates marriage as well as the married life of the individual, sex partner in life, and the likes of many other things that are concerned in this residence of Mercury. It also includes affairs of love and intimacy such as the lover's sexual tendency or libido or lack of sexual capacity (partial or complete, curable or incurable). Apart from love, marriage, sexual relationships, there are also other factors that come under the direct influence of Mercury being in this residence, which includes the sale, purchase, quarrels, and settlement in a foreign land, injury, or wounds received by an adversary, opponent, or enemy. Whether the marriage of the individual stays a success or turns into a failure due to several reasons such as- separation by circumstances, separation due to maladjustment between the husband and wife, divorce due to lack of compatibility between husband and wife, death of either one among husband and wife, due to a third person angle in the married life, or due to character orientation of the spouse, they are all governed by the 7th house. Disorders of the lower abdomen, genitals, and sexual ones, too, are governed by this particular house. Situations leading to encouraging the spouse towards immorality for any kind for personal need or benefit, or because of deficiency in self, the marriage of convenience, contract marriage for a fixed period, taking a mistress or illicit lover, spouse encouraging or leading the marriage partner towards illegal sexual relations with others are few other matters comes under direct consideration of the 7th house.


Negative impacts of mercury being in the 7th house

Mercury in this residence also includes litigation, an inherent or acquired urge, or interest in committing an illegal act. Other activities that come under the description of a crime are also governed by the 7th house. The enumeration of subjects under the wings of the 7th house is repeated to bring immediate attention and act as a reminder. When and if Mercury is alone in the 7th house, it gives results that are claimed to be usually good and beneficial for the individuals. Simultaneously if, on the other hand, any planet has a direct 'Drishti' on Mercury from the 12th house, it is supposed to bring harmful and adverse effects on the individuals. However, the latter effect is rare. Mercury in the 7th house is known to bring in mischief only when it is in a 'Rasi' owned by Mars, Saturn, and the Sun. This position gives the individuals a tendency to indulge in blackmailing others by writing anonymous letters to others. They might also involve themselves in doing bogus-telephone calls or prank phone calls to others, and they can also send inappropriate messages to others via the internet. They do such activity with the sole intention of inflicting harm on others. A woman who has Cancer in their 7th house might also give in to her urges to indulge herself in blackmailing for some reason or the other.


Impact on spouse of such individuals

Mercury, in this particular, also provides the person with a learned life partner or even a friend of the opposite sex. Even if the partner is not learned, still they are certain to show signs of worldly wisdom, intelligence, a keen and comprehensive understanding of human nature, and society on the whole, which shows their character as a great observant and wide area of knowledge in studying human behavior. The spouse or the life partner may be a professional writer, poet, journalist, astrologer, palmist, or any other field mentioned under the attributes of Mercury.


Impact on health of the individuals

With Mercury being in the 7thhouse, makes the individuals suffer problems in health. They usually suffer from disorders in the lower abdomen, problems in genetics, and sexual problems. Such health issues are a concern when Mercury is in the above-mentioned residence.

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