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Mercury in Pisces Sign

Mercury in Pisces Sign

Mercury is an earthy planet that remains neutral towards a giant planet in the solar system, Jupiter. And Pisces is a dual water sign with Jupiter as its lord. Those born with Mercury in Pisces are imaginative by nature. Being sensitive, they quickly get hurt. They are polite and compassionate towards others. Because of their overly trusting attitude, they are vulnerable to disloyalty and deception in key areas of life, such as love relationships and business partnerships. They have a strong penchant for everything, ranging from paintings to music. They are also known to be dreamers and always found lost in the world of imagination. They have better telepathic communication than being oral. They rather express their feelings through poetry or fine arts than talking verbally.


How Does Mercury in Pisces Affect the Natives? 

The presence of Mercury in Pisces affect the natives in the following way:

  • First, the natives won’t gain opulence in this life. They will always be in need of self-assurance and feel peevish and anxious. With a receptive outlook, he might be agreeable to others.  

  • The natives will be curiously scholarly and intelligent. They will provide incredible help to those who are in desperate need. Their character will be blameless. Because of their cheerful personalities, they will get a lovely spouse. 

  • The natives will be an overseer of other’s cash. They will be living abroad or away from the spot of his introduction to the world. Their brains will be versatile and receptive. 

  • The natives will often be pestered by their foes and like to go on a short excursion. They may experience some difficulties in their arms or throat. Their married life will also be disturbed.  

  • The natives will be excellent orators. They will have a warm and pleasing personality and may also become poetic while expressing their views. They are very much affected by their environment and surroundings. They often become emotional in their daily routines. They are also known to be good listeners. 

  • The natives can also develop mood swings and sometimes be yelling and sometimes silent.  But they cannot be a nuisance to others. Instead, they try to make others feel comfortable.   

  • The natives are fickle-minded, so they keep changing their decisions now and then. They often avoid taking a fixed stance on anything they come across. 

  • The natives will avoid serious matters and be protective about themselves. On the other hand, they understand all the intricacies but fail to divulge them. They are unable to express themselves directly, which could be a source of the problem to others. 

Retrograde Effects of Mercury in Pisces

  • When Mercury planet goes retrograde, the natives may face problems related to their travel and communication. So, they are advised not to go on a long journey. They also develop misunderstandings with their colleagues and peers, which could spoil their relationship.  During this period, they are advised not to preside over any meeting, conference or, parleys. Nor should they take any new project. 

  • The natives become daydreamers and fantasizers. They live in a world of utter imagination, which distracts their attention from the real world. So, this period is not suitable for their dialogues, presentation, and arguments.

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