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Mercury in Libra Sign

Mercury in Libra Sign

Mercury, the nearest planet to the sun, holds great importance in Vedic astrology. In Hindi, this planet is called Budh, which means wisdom. It is also considered the messenger of gods and represents humor, wit, and intelligence. When Mercury goes in Libra, its impact endows the native with outstanding intellectual abilities. The negative impact of Mercury in Libra affects the native’s intellect adversely and gives rise to various skin-related problems.


How Does Mercury in Libra Affect the Natives?

  • Under the influence of Mercury in Libra, the natives will be strict and wealthy and remain joined to this family. He will own a huge business and be contributory to others.  

  • It makes the natives look for the organization of ladies with simple ethics. If Mercury is related to the sun in this sign, the natives may tie the knot with outsiders or individuals hailing from another area.  

  • Mercury will give excellent results to Capricorn and Leo ascendants. The sub-times or major-period will be productive if the ascendant is Leo. The part of Jupiter or Moon on Mercury will give fantastic outcomes to the natives. The association of Venus with Mercury will make them impressive. 

  • Since Venus and Mercury are on friendly terms, this is an auspicious placement for Mercury as it endows the natives with excellent communication skills. 

  • Mercury is considered a neutral earthy planet, and when it is positioned in Libra, it equips the natives with the knowledge of various art forms. They are bent towards artistic and creative pursuits. Mercury rules communication, and Venus’s influence gives them refinement and eloquence to speech. They are also polite and soft-spoken, with a great power to persuade others. 

  • The natives become lavish, are driven towards relationships, and are fond of females. Their approach in life is also balanced. They have an intellectual mind and pleasant behavior. They tend to be very diplomatic in their ways and know very well how to make the most of opportunities. They become broadminded, friendly, and gregarious. They have a penchant for beauty and are driven towards architecture, luxuries, and stately houses. 

  • When Mercury lies in Libra, it is always in a comfortable position. The native will have a sweet voice, a jolly nature, and be keenly interested in music.  

  • Since Libra is a balanced sign and Mercury is the Karak planet for intelligence, the natives will analyze everything that comes before making a decision. They will also be able to formulate business plans and use their intelligence to progress in their lives.

Retrograde Effects of Mercury in Libra

Nothing is fully advantageous in this universe, so the effects of Mercury in Libra is no exception. The retrograde effects of Mercury in Libra can cut the natives off from those people who are their lifelines. The way they are used to communicating through various modes—phone, text, social media, etc.—may be spotty, so they will have to look for alternative ways to keep in touch. As all types of negotiations are cut off, they should pay close attention to agreements and contracts.

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