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Mercury in Leo Sign

Mercury in Leo Sign

Mercury’s placement in Leo would keep the planet in a pleasant condition on account of having its friendly relationship with Leo, which would bring benefic effects to the natives. They would be quite soft in their attitude and have calm personas. Besides this, they would be endowed with stronger eloquence, intellect, and analytical vision, which could make them a bit arrogant. They are also vivacious and bestowed with a lump of energy.

How does Mercury in Leo Affect the Natives?

The presence of Mercury in Leo affect the natives in the following way:

  • Mercury in Leo makes the natives virtuous, rich, and jealous. They will also be a source of trouble to others, a bit fiendish and shameless. 

  • The natives will be highly talented, interested in many fields, such as music, dance, arts, and poetry; and virtuous and wealthy.   

  • The natives will be endowed with wisdom if Mars aspects Mercury in Leo. They may have an ugly but symmetric physique. They may be even a hermaphrodite. 

  • If Jupiter influences Mercury in Leo, they may be quite soft-bodied. The natives may be learned, have lots of knowledge about musical instruments, and are religious and famous. 

  • The natives are very learned, will have knowledge of musical instruments, be lordly, famous, and endowed with kinsmen and conveyances.

  • Venus casting effect on Mercury in Leo will give an amazing beauty to the natives. They will be attractive, valorous, rich in conveyance, sweet in speech. They may also be superior king or a minister. 

  • If Saturn influences Mercury in Leo, the natives will have a rough and tall body. They will have pure conduct, give a nasty smell on account of sweating, be grieved, and be deprived of happiness. 

  • The natives will try to attract people and look standalone in a crowd using their knowledge and speaking method. Many times, they ignore the trivial things to see the big picture. They also tend to coax people on their goodwill. Sometimes, they are very addictive of their thoughts, and they may give rise to specific problems if one does not concede to them. They show their versatile styles in their speeches or talks. Their desire is to be felt and accepted while they are expressing their views. Some of them may keep boasting about themselves. 

  • Due to their unsteady character, the natives would not be effective. He may tell lies and be offensive to others. He will fail to have cordial relations with his brothers/sisters or may lose a few of them right of the bat right through everyday life. So, he will be discontent with others. 

  • Since Leo is the sign of creativity and Mercury is a planet of skills, the natives will have excellent creative skills. They can have many creative skills and are luckily good at all of them. It also allows them to brighten their careers in various fields, such as singing, arts, movies, etc. Through their creativity and communications, they will get to enjoy the power of a king or queen. 

  • Lastly, the impact of Mercury will depend on Mercury’s position in a particular Nakshatra. If Mercury lies in Magha Nakshatra, Ketu’s position will delineate the Mercury’s functioning in Leo as Magha’s lord is Ketu. If Mercury lies in Purva-Phalguni, its lord Venus will be its dominating factor. If Mercury lies in Uttara-Phalguni Nakshatra, the sun’s position will be dominating Mercury’s impact.

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