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Mercury in 1st House

Mercury in 1st House

Mercury, in the first house, makes an individual very deeply insightful. It gives the individual rich influence of the creative mind, analysis influence of speech, capacity for being an effective educator, author, poet, journalist, priest, a preacher of religion. The natives can be a great public speaker, radio-commentator, and newsreader on electronic media, music-writer, lyricist, assistant, or clergy. Regularly the individual has excellent handwriting on in some cases; she or he has a special skill in the analysis of writing, the individuals also have the skill of inspecting all sorts of forged reports and even any kind of fraud being carried out with any important report. The vast majority of the incredible and highly talented writers, artists, and speakers have Mercury in the first house, or to be more accurate in terms; Mercury is called the lord of the first house. People become even sharper in knowledge, writing, teaching, and witticism if they have Mercury in the First House in Gemini or Virgo. It must always be remembered and recalled that Mercury is ascending towards the most noteworthy point in its action of elevation to the fifteenth degree of Virgo, and from that point, it is considered as involving its own Sign from sixteenth to the 30th degree. Individuals, in spite of having a high level of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and skill, the person with Mercury in the first house is never saved from being the victim of getting cheated on by others.

Behaviour of Individuals with Mercury in the 1st House

These people don't include themselves in utilizing unfair means to cheat in examinations, yet they always give permission and even help others to use unfair means for cheating during examinations. In any case, it is always observed that individuals who have Mercury in their first house get cheated on by their publishers, editors, and co-writers, and other individuals they are acquainted with. They are usually seen as simple casualties and victims of robbery in the written matter. Some of the time, disregarding being intelligent, they need to deal with their schooling by their own work, say by taking tuitions, or some other low maintenance means for earning while at the same time learning. They are consistently keen and interested to help other people in receiving education ad helping them to learn, in every way possible, either by training them with all means or by giving them scholarships or by providing them with all other sorts of encouragement, inspiration, and help them as per their need. One issue with some of them is that they can't show dullards and duffers; they become upset rather rapidly. Neither one of them resort to flattery easily, nor do they effectively stand flattery towards them. They are straightforward, frank, and blunt to the degree of offending others, they always prefer saying directly to other individuals if there is anything they don't like or anything is against their morals. They do not like fake flattering others, and neither do they accept fake flattering towards others. This makes other people believe that such individuals are rude and blunt towards others. In the field of literature, they end up being straightforward, however severe critics. These people make extremely proficient and effective researchers.

Thus all the individuals who have Mercury in their first house are helpful towards others, but at the same time, they are extremely straightforward and frank. They usually are highly knowledgeable, experienced in writing teaching, and, at the same time, holds a similar interest in helping others to receive an education. They have a great flair in all kinds of public speaking. With all the qualities mentioned earlier, the individuals with Mercury in the 1st house are usually competent and highly skilled researchers.

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