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Mercury in 11th House

Mercury in 11th House

In Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury or chiefly famous as Budh in the native language, is considered auspicious and brings pleasant impacts to the natives’ lives when positioned in the eleventh house. Besides, it brings an intellectual and friendly blend in the professional and social life of the natives. So, those born with Mercury in the eleventh house would have a friendly approach towards the world. Moreover, they are free-minded and develop social relations with unlimited people. They will have a strong presence in the social arena, but they are likely to get betrayed by some devious people, who will try to exploit them due to their selfless nature.

How Does Mercury in the 11th House Affect its Natives’ Lives

  • Mercury, in the eleventh house, makes the natives’ personalities very pleasant and charming. Because of fresh ideas brewing in their mind, they prove good speakers and orators. 

  • They are experts in coping with other people. They know how to express themselves; how to explain and transmit their ideas in an intelligible manner. Also, they are generous and helpful. 

  • They are adaptable to any new environment and situation. So, they can easily imitate others and have easy interaction with people from different regions.

Some Special Attributes of Mercury in the Eleventh House 

Due to the presence of Mercury in the eleventh house, some unique attributes are caused that are mentioned below: 

  • Challenges: The natives are picky, dominating, and manipulative.

  • Strengths: They are curious, eccentric, and intelligent.

  • Advice: They should not let others overpower them. 

  • Celebrities: Some celebrities, such as Zayn Malik, David Bowie,

  • Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna are known to have Mercury in the eleventh house. 

Benefic Effects of Mercury in the Eleventh House

  • The natives are curious to explore a new perspective, viewpoints, and new ways of doing things. They also have lots of ideas regarding their goals. 

  • They expect the same curiosity from their loved ones, whether they are their friends or family members. All in all, they are creative, intelligent, and open-minded people to develop the bond of friendship with others.  

  • They can give very useful advice, so deserve appreciation for this.

  • They have lots of friends who have the same thoughts and beliefs as theirs.

  • They are also philanthropists—they feel interested in extending help to as many people as possible to bring a renaissance in the world. Their motto is to make the information accessible to ordinary people.  

  • They are intrigued and attracted by the simple social goings and comings of other people, their communion, their association principles, and how they coordinate. 

  • They look for sociological insight and group psychology to further develop their plans and brighten their prospects.

Malefic Effects of Mercury in the Eleventh House

  • As their minds are filled with lots of plans and ideas, simulations, and possible outcomes, it is difficult for them to focus on a particular thought. 

  • Sometimes, they are misled and say stupid things or do not remain attentive to instructions. Their irresponsible and airheaded attitudes can lead them to future disappointments and failures, which is a complete loss of their trustworthy impression. 

  • As they have lots of friends, this does not mean that it is good for them. Sometimes, it can be detrimental to them because some of their friends may be tricksters in disguise, and they may face betrayal.   

  • They are a bit cynical, so sometimes they behave irrationally.

  • They keep a distance from a large group of people and do not divulge to anyone unless they prove themselves right. 

  • As the natives of Mercury in the 11th house care a lot about other people’s opinions and appreciations, they want it to be a straightforward and honest analysis and not a fake one. 

  • Their communication includes the tendency to engage in talking behind curtains, backbiting, and gossiping.

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