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Mercury in 8th House

Mercury in 8th House

Mercury finds itself in a tough spot and a hurdle in some situations to be in the 8th house. Even the 'Rasi' in the said house cannot influence that. At first, the brain of the individual happens to be very dull. They have a blunt intelligence and slow capacity for learning, even the presence of a sharp mind does not make them wiling for its proper application. In a similar way, they never have the willingness to complete the work that has been assigned to them and often depend upon their fellow classmates to help them out so that they can complete the work that has been assigned to them. They may even indulge themselves in bullying others in order to get their work done. Such situations also hold true for individuals who are involved in the profession including- teachers, tutors, journalists, petition writers, solicitors, accountants, story and dialogue writers, and such others in a production team.


These individuals have their written work, which can mostly be called a stereotype or could be repetitive in nature of their own past works or previous works of others. They do not find it an immoral activity to indulge themselves in piracy and any other forms of plagiarism. Even the typists, stenographers, clerks, and other such position holders find themselves at ease keeping their work pending and adding these assigned works under their pile of due and unfinished work. If the individual has some sort of job that requires them to make use of speech very often, for example, a teacher, an advocate, a lawyer, etcetera, their intention always lies in making a synopsis of the whole matter or speaking in brief about the whole subject matter. Whether it is a lecture, an argument, debate, discussion, or representation, they would tend to be reckless about it and always has their intention in finishing the speech as early as possible, they even do not hesitate to leave any important part of the speech as all their interest lies in early finishing of the work and not in its quality.


Negative impacts on the individuals

The individuals do not think twice before interfering with or destroying any written evidence and also replacing genuine documents along with false or forged ones. They are also most likely to fluctuate or suddenly bring changes in their previously made statements and deny their submissions, whether it is oral or written. Mercury in the 1st, 10th, or 11th house is likely to indulge themselves in some sort of wrongful deeds that has some personal motives.


Positive impacts on individuals

However, these individuals with Mercury in the 8th house are not a lost cause, and there are also chances for them to be good. The repentance of their wrong deeds will only work if they renounce their bad habits without any deflection in their motive and continue to be regular with the remedy suggested to them by their astrologers. They need to take the remedies seriously so that they have brought changes in all their negative traits.


Impact on health of individuals

In the 8th house, Mercury may render the individual with a disorder of stammering, especially if it is lord of 2nd house. Incoherence in speaking, stuttering, mumbling, and other speech defects, including partial or complete numbness, can also be caused by this particular position of Mercury. Some suffer from all these disorders since birth, while some individuals develop these disorders in early childhood, and others may also acquire it in their later years in school as a result of nervousness or hesitation in turning in their lesson. This is prolonged through adulthood, in college debates, a result of copying someone else, probably because of an inferiority complex. Making use of irrelevant words or phrases repeatedly in conversations is also the result of Mercury's position in the 8th house. Mercury's position in the 8th house also makes the individual susceptible to bites from rabbits, dogs, fox, jackal, etc. They also find it difficult to identify the apparent position of fellow riders or pedestrians while driving any sort of vehicle. Thus they should exercise more caution on the road so that they can protect themselves from accidents.

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