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Mercury in Capricorn Sign

Mercury in Capricorn Sign

Capricorn is the tenth astrological movable earth sign with Saturn as its lord. Although Mercury and Saturn share a friendly relationship, this alignment gives some obstacles to the natives due to Saturn’s omnipresence in the background. The natives with Mercury in Capricorn are cautious and methodical in their ways. They think very carefully before taking any step. Both Capricorn and Mercury have the earth as their element, so the natives with Mercury in Capricorn are grounded and realistic and do not build castles in the air.


How Does Mercury in Capricorn Affect the Natives?

Mercury in Capricorn brings the following changes in the natives’ lives:

  • Under the influence of Mercury in Capricorn, natives are exceptionally impressive. They tend to speak and write methodically and do everything structurally and in an orderly fashion. 

  • The natives are very resourceful people but get frustrated when too much information is heaped on them at once. They categorize their ideas into smaller parts before they jump to any conclusion. 

  • The natives are mentally active and productive people who like to take projects that yield practical and tangible results. They always like to be in an authoritative position and often become impatient when others fail to respect them or heed their words.   

  • The natives are a bit strict and judgemental and feel bothered when others do not seem to get clear things. The natives are crystal clear of their judgment, though their thought processes can be flawed to a more practical world. They do not accept anything that seems to them frivolous. Most natives often squint because their reaction to information is full of scepticism. This is a very worrying situation and often seen in natives having strong Saturn in their natal charts. 

  • The natives have a relay of information, just like in a Capricornia way. Their style of communication is not frills or with no fuss/hassles. They prefer a more concise form in presentation, though they take lots of time in making plans. They choose their words carefully and a bit stiff in their presentation. 

  • The natives have their issues, and their perspectives are also different for different zodiac natives. For instance—Aries natives appear too hasty, Libra too argumentative, and Cancer too emotional.

Retrograde Effects of Mercury in Capricorn

The negative effects of Mercury in Capricorn include the following:

The natives become deceptive, harsh, reserved, and clever. They become inexpressive and have their emotions hidden. They like to spend their lives serving other than start thinking something for themselves. They are also stubborn and narrow-minded, which makes this repulsive for others. Although they are intelligent, they fail to use their aptitude constructively. They are also vulnerable to intoxication and addictions. Their financial condition will worsen, and they will be troubled by their opponents.

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