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Mercury in Cancer Sign

Mercury in Cancer Sign

Cancer, a water sign governed by Moon, is related to the native’s mind and emotions. The lord planet's effects give this zodiac sign directionless and moody emotions, but when Mercury is placed in Cancer, it makes the native’s emotions stable.  It gives lots of wisdom to the native and channelizes his mind and emotions in the right direction. Moreover, Mercury’s presence in Cancer makes the native a deep thinker. Such an individual is emotional but has a strong memory and mental power. He also acquires lots of knowledge and learns many things from their experiences in life.


How Does Mercury in Cancer Affect the Natives?

Mercury’s presence in Cancer brings lots of positive changes in the native’s life, and they include the following:

  1. The natives are quick-witted and can memorize many historical events.  They tend to be very sympathetic to others and express their solidarity to them. 

  2. The natives are imaginative and very clear in their thoughts. They have a strong intuitive power that helps them stay connected with people on a psychological level. 

  3. Regarding romantic life, the natives are very sentimental. So, they are very faithful and loyal to their partners. 

  4. The natives are also known to be great patriots. They are fluent in their speaking and are good orators. They always remain answerable to others’ questions. 

  5. The natives will do business related to water. Besides, they will be learned and have an interest in music. But he will not gain name and fame. By nature, they will be short-tempered, lustful, face misfortunes of life because of women, and live away from the place of his introduction to the world. They will be dynamic, insightful, and talkative.  

  6. Because of the greatness of their ancestors, they will be respectable in society. They will not coexist with their family members. It will not do good to Aquarius ascendants as they will be accustomed to intense drinking. But it will do good to Pisces ascendant. When the Moon aspects Mercury, it will cause the natives to have an inclination towards ladies. It will also emphasize the strength and wealth of the natives. The part of Jupiter on Mercury will give wonderful results to them. 

  7. The energy developed due to it could help the natives strengthen their relationship with their loved ones.  It paves the way for them to connect with their intuitions as they learn to communicate emphatically and sympathetically. 

  8. Under its influence, you expect others to understand how you feel intuitively, which can be problematic when they cannot read your mind. Practice expressing in such a way that you are intelligible to them and try to remove misunderstandings between you and them.  

Retrograde Effects of Mercury in Cancer

The retrograde effects of Mercury in Cancer will be a bit more troublesome than other zodiac signs. Some of its effects include the following:

  1. The natives will face problems related to their careers and their relationships. They may have a bit of a row with their peers. They are advised to control their emotional turbulences. 

  2. Under its influence, buying and selling properties are not considered good, so the natives are advised not to buy or sell any property.

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