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Mercury in Aries Sign

Mercury in Aries

Aries has a fire sign and is governed by the red planet, Mars. The relationship between Mercury and Mars is believed to be inimical, and they are contradictory to each other in terms of gender and element. Nevertheless, Mercury’s placement is considered average in Vedic astrology. The natives under its effects are wise and quick-witted. They have innovative thoughts and solutions and show exemplary performance in debates. But sometimes, they are a bit argumentative by nature. They are also a bit hesitant while expressing their views. Nevertheless, they are experts in debates. Mercury planet provides the native with a resolute mind and straightforward and decisive approach.  Although the natives born with Mercury in Aries are quick in making decisions, sometimes they can be impulsive due to Mars’ influence, which may lead to wrong moves.


How Does Mercury in Aries Affect the Natives?

Under Mercury's influence in Aries, the natives are adamant, contentious, skeptical, beguiling, and untrustworthy. He has a sharp, speedy, exaggerative, and dynamic brain. Besides, he will have a variable brain and tends to think clearly with innovative ideas. He will be a bit partial to betting, eating, sex, and music. Although he works hard, he will be poor. He may tend to talk vaguely and quickly.


The natives are very fast in communication and decision-making processes. They are so fast that other people may think about them that they scarcely waste their time overthinking. The reality is that these people fail to have the patience to think over. As a result, their decisions are driven by the need for instant gratification. They are impulsive and quick in thoughts and speech.


The natives are direct, quick, and focused in their communications. They are very candid and may become aggressive on being opposed to their ideas and opinions. Their aggressive behavior results from their frustration because Mercury in Aries will assume that people will accept their opinions smoothly. They have a sense of defensiveness and sensitivity because they are personally attached to their ideas. They also tend to streamline learning, do not like to go deeper into details. They cannot accept that what they say and feel is useless and irrelevant for them.


The natives show a certain charm through their communications that attract people. Many people will admire the practical approach of this sign. Being a friend, one can easily count on them being direct and straightforward with one. In some situations, they might feel frustrated with life's present trend and roam around to find a good chance. Consequently, these people may become more rude and impatient than they are.


The natives are fond of starting something new in their lives and are not attached to their outdated ideas. They always remain enthusiastic and often take negative feedback or criticism very personally.  They are not scared of fighting or facing challenges on a mental level. They have a visionary intelligence that helps them overcome all the difficulties and challenges. They also undertake new projects and ideas with unparalleled zeal and enthusiasm with this Mercury’s placement. 


Mercury’s placement in Aries endows the natives with an active mind that can deal out ideas, such as reshuffling their thoughts, playing cards in a game, and starting again if there is dissatisfaction.  Nevertheless, because of good ideas going in their minds, the natives may be quick to dump one opinion or idea for something more fresh and exciting. They have a varied sense of promoting their new and innovative ideas. They possess a motivating and convincing style of communication that helps them to access the masses. They are born to be leaders and can easily get adapted to new and innovative methods. It is also crucial for the natives to efficiently use intellectual faculties and accomplish all the goals with full zeal and vigor.

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