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Mercury in Aquarius Sign

Mercury in Aquarius Sign

Aquarius, the eleventh astrological sign, is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn. When Mercury is positioned in this sign, it fills natives’ minds with lots of words, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They are hyperactive, and their minds keep working constantly. Their ideas are original and innovative. They remain emotionally detached, but this does not mean that they fail to understand others' feelings and pain. They are humane, humble, and always remain ready for the needy. In real words, it can be said that they are philanthropic by nature. Their emotional detachment pervades their thought process. They allow their actions to rest more on thoughtful scientific analysis than passion and emotions. They also have a strong intuition, which helps them judge others quickly. They uphold the idea of justice and equality. They have an accommodating nature and always remain open to new ideas.


How Does Mercury in Aquarius Affect the Natives?

Mercury in Aquarius affects the natives in the following ways:

  • When Mercury gets into Aquarius, the natives’ ideas and thoughts become more progressive. It also develops far-fetched and wacky ideas in their minds.

  • Since Aquarius is a neutral zodiac sign and does not let natives’ feelings get in the way of the truth, they are candid and view things rationally. This approach could finally help them to face awkward situations boldly.

Retrograde Effects of Mercury in Aquarius

The presence of Mercury in Aquarius affects the natives adversely in the following ways:

  • The natives should not take any new venture when Mercury lies in Aquarius. They should think deeply before they speak, as being too talkative might land them in trouble. They might not feel at ease or comfortable during this time. 

  • They may have a lack of energy and feel interested in switching over to their jobs. But they should realize that this is not a good time for such a change. Their lack of performance may affect their careers adversely. So, they should avoid arguments with their bosses or seniors. 

  • They should be highly concerned about saving their money. They should remember that spending too much money can land them in trouble. 

  • They will have a messy appearance and be obliged to bring in cash through questionable methods. They will be tortured by their enemies, so they will remain sad throughout the day. 

  • Their married life will also be adversely affected. Consequently, they will not be able to enjoy their sexual relations.

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