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Mercury in Different Houses & Signs

Mercury is also known as Buddha, meaning logical intellect, in Vedic astrology. It reflects a native's swift wit, intellect, and humor. Wisdom, knowledge, books, learning, and the ability to understand are represented by Mercury. Mercury is also considered one's younger brother. Mercury, being the signifier of the second house, is the planet of communication. Typically, people who are born with strong Mercury are quick-witted and have good analytical skills.

Effects of Mercury in different Houses and Signs 

Planet Mercury symbolizes the fields of finance, commerce, banking, networking, accounts, etc. Strong Mercury signifies progress in these regions. There is strong Mercury in the Birth Chart for many prominent professionals—authors, news editors, media individuals, chartered accountants, artists, and lawyers.

Mercury is a beneficial planet, but as it is changeable in nature and seldom casts an extreme impact on itself, it is hard to predict Mercury's influence. This planet, along with other planets, determines a horoscope. With malefic planets, it gives malefic effects, whereas, with benefic planets, it gives benefic effects. It's nearest to the Sun and has friendly relations with influential planets. It also has friendly relation with Venus and remains neutral to Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. According to Vedic Astrology, the moon is a foe of Mercury.

In forming the basis of your personality, Mercury is just as essential as the sign of the Sun and Moon. Areas that belong to Mercury are the way you process data and express your thoughts. Mercury is closest to the Sun, so naturally, as it is one of the inner planets, and its influence is very personal. Sun is how you project yourself, but what directs your mental process is Mercury.

Have you ever met someone who really seems to think like you and who just gets along? Or you may even have met someone who just always holds a particular opinion. Your Mercury sign controls this. People with distinct Mercury signs have distinct views and beliefs. Mercury in Taurus would have a rational approach and thinking, while Mercury in Pisces would be an idealist, someone who would be an idealist.

In air signs, such as Aquarius, Gemini and Libra, Mercury works well. Being practical and intellectual are these signals. When Mercury is in a fire symbol, an impulsive decision maker is always a native. When Mercury is in the sign of water, the native will base his or her beliefs on feelings rather than logic. Mercury makes you an unnecessarily cautious thinker of earth signals, but of course a trustworthy one.

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