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Mars in 12th House

Mars in 12th House

This position of Mars regulates the matters of behavior, expenditure, and wrong actions like indulging in bribes, offenses, criminal acts, punishment. This house is responsible for the harm related to progeny and child-bearing.

Impact of Mars in the Twelfth House on Native

Mars in the twelfth house can lead the native to go for early retirement due to specific personal reasons. Losses in business, damage by fire and electricity is also caused by this position. It can cause losses by domestic help, colleagues, theft, and dacoity. The human-made mishap in the form of factory or electricity accidents can be attributed to Mars in the twelfth house. 

The natives might have to get blamed for the theft, dacoity, smuggling, trading in contraband goods, protecting criminals, addiction to drinks, and other intoxicating drugs. Monetary losses can take place along with problems in married lives. Such issues reduce the efficiency of the natives in terms of work.

Certain natives might have to face charges against their commission and omission; some natives go through heavy monetary losses due to involvement in a racecourse, gambling, card-games, guesswork, and other such losses. This position of Mars leads to property sales to compensate for further losses. Loss of property by infringement, disunity in a joint family, for education or medical reasons related to progeny, for the fulfillment of alimony, might be included in the results of Mars in the twelfth house. Certain losses can occur due to legalities related to law, government, local government, or social and communal reasons. 

On the brighter side, Mars in the twelfth house leads a native to offer considerable help in the form of cash, kind, donation, or gift to any social, charitable, educational, or medical platform.

Suspension from service and death-sentence also get included under the effects of Mars in the twelfth house. 

This position of Mars also covers renouncement from active family life by accepting 'sannyaas' or leading a secluded life. Natives can also take recluse in being Sanyasis. Natives can again resume everyday life after coming out of the Sanyaas.

Prioritizing the spouse's progress over oneself is included in the influence of Mars in the twelfth house. 

Mars in the twelfth house can also cause menstrual issues to women. Blood-related issues can also take place. Heart-attack is on the cards despite several ailments. Ashik Manglik Dosh can take place, which might create problems in the married life. Children up to twelve years of age, might get exposed to bleeding injuries, extending up to twenty-four years. 

Minor and major accidents are on the cards in this position of Mars. Women might have to go through a cesarean operation while delivering the child.

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