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Mars in 10th House

Mars in 10th House

This position can only lead to success if Mars' own Rashi (Aries or Scorpio) isn't in the tenth house. It gives the best results if Mars is in the tenth house. The presence of other stars with Mars reduces the effect of Mars in the Tenth House. Also, Saturn, Rahu or Sun, or Jupiter shouldn't be in the twelfth house. Mars should also be in the twelfth or second house in the Navamsha-chart of the male native. It can also be in the twelfth or second house in the Trinshansha of that female native.

Impact of Mars in the Tenth House on Native 

Another critical factor is the relationship of Mars with its lord. However, another hurdle in the full effect of Mars is Jupiter in the eighth or sixth house. It doesn't have any difference in the impact of Mars in its sign of exaltation. Mars produces better results if it is in Leo and alone in the tenth house. An astrologer needs to study all these aspects well and then come up with solutions.

Mars gives the best results in matters related to career, profession, and business. Whether it produces capital goods or just consumer goods, Saturn's placement in the Birth-chart and the mutual relationship between Saturn and Mars, Saturn's primary concern with every industrial venture, has to be kept in mind. Mars also helps in the manufacture of electrical and electronic goods of all kinds.

However, Mars would give brilliant results and success to the individuals who are in a political career. It helps in property-related matters. But in the case of Mars, Mars is in Gemini in the tenth house, thus ruling the third and the eighth house. Gemini's individuals in the tenth house and Mars in the fourth house enjoy career and property-related matters. Mars in the Tenth House in Gemini cannot give victory on political issues.

Some astrologers in South India consider the ninth house as the house ruling 'father.' In contrast, as per proper consideration, the tenth house rules 'father.' The ninth place is concerning assets, property, possessions, sometimes post of power, trade, and industry governed by the father. The fourth house rules mother and, the seventh house from the fourth house is the 10th house, which is of the spouse (husband) of the mother. 

The questions of his father's health can gain prosperity or poverty based on the tenth house. However, if there is a lack of cordial relationship between Mars and the lord of the tenth house or both have 6:8 positions in the Birth chart, relations would be more formal between father and children. However, the connections would not lead to alienation, boredom, or hatred.

A person with Mars in the tenth house doesn't suffer a lack of love, care in childhood, and adolescence. Similarly, the father does get regular help, support, and service from the son. In deciding the father-son relationship, the wife's take matters a lot. However, a lot will depend upon the horoscopes of the son's mother and wife. In the case of daughters, they are competent enough. They do not create many problems for the father. However, a lot depends upon the stars of both father and children apart from the position of Mars.

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