Mars in Taurus Sign

Mars in Taurus Sign

The native would be lazy, fond of female company, sensual, shy and interested in beautiful things. He will be well dressed but not rich. He will lack self confidence. He will be talkative, cunning and unstable in life. He will not have domestic happiness. He will have trouble from enemies or his children. He may do badly at litigation. The native may face dishonour due to his love affairs or liaisons with women. This location of Mars for Cancer and Leo ascendants is excellent. The native will amass wealth; if the ascendant is Cancer, this will be done unscrupulously. Mars will give the native power, wealth and high position if the ascendant is Leo. The aspect of Jupiter on Mars for both the ascendants will be good. The aspect of Saturn on Mars will be beneficial if the ascendant is Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius.

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