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Mars in 6th House

Mars in 6th House

The sixth house is a favorable position that gives rise to stable health, courage to work, and fulfilling desires. Such people are not afraid of anyone; they are smart and are known for being brave. They are inclined towards real estate but do not keep an eye on other's properties. They are helpful towards their spouses at home and look after health well.


Impact of Mars in the Sixth House on Native

They might have complicated relationships with their mother and siblings. It happens majorly when Aquarius, Taurus, or Libra is in the 4th house in the birth-chart. They are aware of the possessions which their spouses have but do not have evil intentions.


When the Sun is in the ninth or tenth house or a Moon is in the seventh or ninth house, these people tend to inherit property from one of the maternal grandparents. Sometimes, this might not be taken positively by the mother and siblings.


When the Moon is in the fifth house, they might attract unnecessary tensions, which might affect their output at work. If Jupiter is in the third, eighth, or twelfth house, they might lose a legal case they could have almost won.


When the Sun is in third, tenth, or eleventh, or in the sixth itself, these people gain power independently. They also help others to gain control by hook or by crook. They possess a religious mind but cannot be forced to follow any religion.

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