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Mars in 7th House

Mars in 7th House

Married life gets negatively affected in this position. Also, this position can cause injuries. Fights begin to happen with the spouse, and disharmony prevails. A married couple belonging to the seventh and the eighth house is ideal. As per astrology, no other solution is there to remove the harmful effect of Mars in the seventh house on marriage.

Impact of Mars in the Seventh House on Native

Such people find it hard to bargain in businesses. They are resilient but are not efficient in arguments. However, if they are guided well, they will be good at artillery and weaponry. These people face issues related to blood and heart. Other problems might include skin diseases, TB, headache, short temper, and genital areas. 

Mars in the seventh house and Jupiter in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth tend to give rise to legal cases. This may also give rise to financial losses.

If Mars is in a Cardinal Sign, it might lead to domestic and foreign trips. It becomes all the more suitable if Moon or Venus is in the ninth, tenth, or eleventh house. If the seventh house's lord is in the eighth, third, or fourth house, the people will acquire property in another country.

Separation with spouses also occurs during this time, which can be long-lasting depending on Mahadasa and sub-period of Mars or influence of Saturn or Rahu with the seventh house or in the seventh house itself and Mars therein.

Mars in the seventh house can cause divorce, especially if Mar's Mahadasa intervenes within ten years of the marriage. It can lead to physical violence, which goes unreported.

Serious accidents might also cause separation. Mars harms every marital alliance, except countermanding stars aren't available in the spouse's birth chart. None of them can remove the wicked effect of Mars on married life. 

The unfavorable effect of Mars on marriage has been described herein in detail.

The above impact of Mars in the seventh house can be studied through:

(a) Analysis of the Yearly-chart (annual progressive chart)

(b) A comparative analysis of the Yearly-chart with the Birth –chart

(c) These two elements should be read with Mahadasa.

(d)The transit position of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu during the relevant year of age for which the Yearly-chart has been created.

(e) 'Tripitaka-chart (crossroads chart) is also essential to be studied

If the planetary position in the Yearly-chart and its cross road-chart have a very unfavorable part of Mars (and Saturn or Rahu), and the Mahadasa or sub-period (Antardasa) might lead to damage in the marital life. The husband might torture the wife, and the wife can also harm the husband. Astrologers should inform the natives about the negativities but should not scare them away. Indeed, it is their responsibility to keep them informed.

An individual with Mars in the seventh house and Rahu or Venus in the eighth house or Saturn and Venus in the twelfth house should avoid sex. Extramarital affairs can also take place. Astrology through computers is not reliable.

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