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Mars in 2nd House

Mars in 2nd House

The Second House deals with wealth, monetary property, immovable property possession, gains and savings. Mars has a positive detrimental impact on this part of life when it is alone. Normally, it hits twice in life, most often even without working but leading to livelihood, after the individual has assumed working for livelihood or holding properties.


Impact of Mars in the Second House on Native

If Mars happens to be lord of the 4th or 10th house, Mars gives losses of money or properties during the individual's childhood to one or both parents. Otherwise, Mars lives under every other planet during its Mahadasa or its Antardasa, regardless of that planet's helpful or unhelpful status. Even if its own Rasi is in the 2nd House, Mars hurts and damages the cash position and properties. If either the spouse has a counter-control effect on his or her birth chart or Mars has assumed a role helpful to wealth and money in the Navamsha and Trinshansha-charts, Mars spares the individual (former in case of men and latter in case of women).


Mars' second effect is that it negatively affects the spouse's wellbeing, since it is in the 7th house's 8th place. In the case of women, the problem is sometimes connected to the newly born child's menstrual system, pregnancy, trouble at the time of birth of a child, caesarean birth, skin or blood system problem, often surgery on the wife because of any other internal trouble.


In the case of men, Mars in the 2nd House gives blood system complaints, skin disorders, trouble with one of the eyes, hearing impairment (at advanced age), immature progressive loss of teeth, and bleeding. It can cause damage to any part of the body, but at least to the skull under any planet during Mars Antardasa, or repeated location of Mars in the 2nd or 8th house of the Annual Chart.


This role of Mars typically tempts a person to part with an old property company (more often any inherited property) and attempts to buy or construct new property or acquire other immovable or movable assets at the expense of the price sold. The person typically suffers some loss of money in the process.


This place of Mars often hurts the married life by going through the South Indian school of thought, and in rare cases, brings separation or divorce, since that school of thought attaches great importance to Mars being 8th from the 7th house in the 2nd House. The North Indian school of thought attaches importance to the position of Mar in the 12th from the Ascendant at a parallel level, since it is in the 6th position (that of an enemy) from the 7th house governing married life. Basically Mars is detrimental to married life in the 2nd or 12th home, and often to monetary possessions as well.


Although Mars does not totally forego its 2nd House impact on wealth, money and property when it relaxes and relents in the company of other planets in its effect of causing disturbance to the marital life or adversely affecting the spouse's health.

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