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Mars in Sagittaius Sign

Mars in Sagittaius Sign

The native will become eminent in his chosen field. He may work for the government. He would be courageous. The native will suffer losses due to his temper, and harsh and impulsive speech. He may be rash and may have to face dishonour or slanderous charges. He will have to work hard to gain success in life. He may be fond of the outdoors and sports. His wife will be obedient and loving. He will have to face trouble from his enemies. He will have a better life after marriage. He may be interested in weapons and may try to be a marksman. This planet, when placed in the third drekkan of the sign, will make the native law abiding and morally upright. This location of Mars for Aries, Leo, and Pisces ascendants is excellent. The aspect of the Sun will be excellent.

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