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Mars in Leo Sign

Mars in Leo Sign

The native will be physically strong. He will be courageous, impatient with others, hard working and fond of visiting forests and hunting. He will not be rich. His married life will be unsatisfactory. His wife may predecease him. He will be fond of his children. He will face trouble from subordinates. He will benefit from his connection with the government and may attain i responsible position. He may work till his death. There will not je formal retirement for him. Wealth will come to him late in life. Mars will give religiousness if it is in the second drekkan of the sign. Mars in this sign will give wealth if the ascendant is Cancer or Leo, but for Cancer it will also cause an unhappy family life, and for Leo little comforts. Scorpio ascendant is also good for wealth, but the native will have serious reverses in his health and education. The aspect of Jupiter on Mars will be excellent. The aspect of Venus will be good for marital well being but it will also make the person lascivious.

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