Mars in Gemini Sign

Mars in Gemini Sign

The native would have some talent for music. He will be handsome, without fear and of a helpful nature. He will have good vitality and stamina and will be capable of taking a lot of strain. He will be rich, have a number of friends and sons and will be fond of travelling. He will engage himself in a variety of occupations. He will have a sharp intellect and an urge to apply himself to educational pursuits. He may get into trouble due to his subordinates. He may have a weakness for women and there may be more than one marriage or liaison. There may also be changes in jobs or vocations. When Mars major or sub-period runs for a native having Pisces ascendant, he will have both learning and wealth. The aspects of the Sun, Moon or Jupiter on Mars will be beneficial. The aspect of the Moon will make the native have influence of women in his life.

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