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Mars in 4th House

Mars in 4th House

This house is related to maternal love, heart matters, travel, and property inheritance.

Impact of Mars in the Fourth House on Native 

The outcomes of Mars in this house can be known by keeping them along with the Rashi. If Mars, Sun, or Jupiter govern a Rashi, the native would have a good bond with the mother and happy childhood. Mother will be a strong influence regarding the matters of studies and schooling. The inheritance of properties from parents is on the cards. It will make future life more comfortable. Self-property will also have to be made along with inherited property.


Addiction needs to be avoided by these natives. Else a lot of health issues might take place. These natives achieve power and position. Mars has full Drishti on the seventh house from the House or Rashi occupied by Mars in this context. Mars in the Fourth House has full Drishti on the tenth house, which governs career growth, professional stability, money, and social reputation. 


Mars in the fourth house makes a person smart, brave, and able to face challenging situations. These people are helping and are always ready to help the needy. But, they do not bear with hierarchies, dishonesty, lack of discipline. They are quite vocal about their viewpoints. They do well in professions like the military. They can pardon a wrongdoer if the latter accepts it. They do not make compromises in property selling matters. They are honest and do not indulge in deceit.


But when Mars is owned by Saturn, Venus, Mercury, or Moon, there is no surrender. They tend to sell the ancestral property at high prices. They also have intentions of snatching the share of other claimants in this regard. If Capricorn is in the fourth house, these people reach high positions of power.


They need to stay away from road mishaps, heart issues, and disturbance in blood cells. Bleeding injuries might cause heavy weight loss. Thus, in the fourth position, Mars causes a lot of blood injuries during childhood and adolescence.


When Mars is in the fourth House and Sun or Moon in the ninth or the tenth house, adopted parents' inheritance is on the cards. If Mars is positioned in Aries, Leo, or Capricorn, the native gets adopted. If Mars is set in Taurus, Scorpio, or Pisces, adoption occurs in a joint family.


Mars in the fourth house creates issues between mother and spouse, thereby disturbing the married life of the native. However, the intensity of the disturbance cannot be measured.

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